I have been having a bit of a crappy day. So I decided to do something fun!

I decided I wanted to have a good Port Charlotte Cask Strength Whisky tonight. These drams are absolutely amazing by themselves. You can read more about them here!

What I decided would be fun is to blend these cracking drams into one dram by blending them in equal parts. 10 ml of each of the drams strait into the glass. Nerd tool for accurately measuring out the drams is a 5 ml syringe.

The nose on this blended #laddiemp5 malt is frigging amazing. Powerful Peat, powerful virgin oak influences, tobacco, alcohol drying, orange, pear, leather, mint, vanilla, peated malted barley, light hint of red fruit.

palette is sharp virgin oak, light sherry, orange, chocolate, honey, (breathing in over the liquid gives malted barley nose), ash.

Finish is malt, tobacco, peat …

As I am rewatching the laddiemp5 stream I am quite enjoying myself! This is fun! I will do this more often!

Tip: have some fun with your whisky!