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American Single Malts – Overview

I was trying to find a list of American Single Malts and its quite hard. So I tried making one myself. This is what I found so far doing an hour long Copy and Paste. Still working on the list... Continue Reading →

Comparing "New Make" and "Aged" Journeyman

I have received a Total of 12 samples from the kind people of Haromex. These samples have given me insight in a number of aspects. One of these aspects is the opportunity to compare one distillate in an aged and... Continue Reading →

Innovative Whiskeys From the USA

I'm blessed with having been send 12 samples of Whiskey/bourbon/rye made by some of the innovating distilleries in the USA! All for educational purposes off cause! Just to share what a vast amount of studying material I have been send... Continue Reading →

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