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Lagavulin 8, a happy mistake!?

This week in October it is "Wilde Whisky Dagen" (aka Wild Whisky Days) at the Gall & Gall stores here in the Netherlands. I had €50,- left over and I decided that the Lagavulin 08 was going to be mine.... Continue Reading →

Lagavulin 8 + E150

What do you get when you add just 1 drop of E150 to a Lagavulin 8? Let's find out. I went to a home brewing hardware store near me and I picked up a bottle of Caramel E150. This is... Continue Reading →

Lagavulin to continue the “8 yo”

With the publication of a new version of the label of a lagavulin 8 yo on the TTB website it has become clear that the "limited edition" 8yo 200 year anniversary edition is here to stay! See: I come... Continue Reading →

Islay Whisky Trip 2016

All the blogs for the 2016 Islay Whisky Trip my friend and me went on are writen. This is a basically useless blog entry. It attempts to create some order in the blogs I wrote about the trip. I will... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: day two: Lagavulin

We only did a short visit to Lagavulin Distillery. When we went from Laphroaig towards Ardbeg I was under the assumption that we would not have the time for a tour. We had not booked on either, but we popped... Continue Reading →

Lagavulin 12 and 16 year old limited anniversary editions

Later this year Lagavulin will present a second and third bottle for its 200 year anniversary. The first bottle was the 8 year old. The second a double matured 16 year old from batch lgv 4/505, at 43 ABV.The third It will... Continue Reading →

Hunting for Lagavulin 16 yo

This Blog was originally posted on my iRomby Blog. (iromby)I wanted to find out what I would need to pay for a bottle of #lagavulin 16 yo 700 ml, 43%Photo by : out that here in Holland my options are: Continue Reading →

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