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Turv Exloo “Prime Whisky”, DRAMTIME Single Cask Bottling

Ever since the Turv Exloo Distillery burned down in March of 2017 the opportunity to see how this Dutch spirit would mature, over time, into Whisky, has been taken away. Stock of barrels were also burnt. I do not know... Continue Reading →

"Prime", by Dutch "Turv Exloo" Distillery

Selective Congener Distillation

  The whisky industry knows a lot of distillation technology but today (30th of Juli 2016) I got introduced to a distillation technology that could change the distillation landscape forever. The distillation technically is based on realtime identification of individual... Continue Reading →

"Prime", by Dutch "Turv Exloo" Distillery

During my vacation in the province of Drenthe right here in the Netherlands I was talking to a liquor store owner in Assen. I was asking him if he still had some bottles of "Den Hool" left. The answer was... Continue Reading →

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