The congener of “Smoked cheese” is parts of the “Smokey” sub category as part of the “peaty” head category.

“Smoked cheese” is a congener that is chemically linked to a lot of chemicals. For an overview one can look at this page on the “the good scents company” website. This website does not have a “peaty” congener, but it does have one for “smokey”.

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I have asked around at the Bruichladdich Distillery if they could help me out with a cheese that they knew would be a good match with “Smoked Cheese” congener. Turns out That Duncan ‘The Budgie’ McFadyen, Senior Stillman at Bruichladdich worked at the Islay Cheese Company before he joined Bruichladdich.

Oak Smoked Arran Cheddar Cheese: Image found on

Maltman Mike also pointed me towards Arran Smokes Cheese as a good reference to a smokey cheese. Also I have found information about a “Smoked Dunlop” being made on Islay

The island of Islay is naturally well known for its smoked whisky. It would sound obvious that the people of Islay would be the ones that would know smoked whisky and smoked cheese.


Islay, as far as I can find, used to have the “Islay Cheese Company” and a Creamery. It seems that since 1997 this company has bee out of business. Some more information can be found on the Islay information pages.

The relationship between cheese and whisky making is, as far as I know, not there. Except that one could use oak for “Cold Smoking” cheeses. Oak is also used in the casks.

Oddly enough I cannot find any video’s about “Scottish Cold Smoked Cheese”, so I am posting a video by an American. Its the principle of smoking that is the idea.

To get back to whisky making. The other congeners in this group are “Wood smoke“, “Kippery” and “Smoked Bacon“.

What I think I am seeing is that the “Smokey” group has been given a reference that people know from their daily live and menu. By pointing out the smell of smoke from a fire, smokey noses from a meat (bacon), a fish (kippery) and a dairy product (cheese) a link could be suggested between the typical chemicals (Guaiacol) in smokey whisky’s and everyday products.

I will probably go back to Scotland and when I do I will ask for some smoked cheese. If I ever do I will post a picture below this very line! If the picture is not there I have yet to taste Smoked Scottish Cheese!