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Islay Scotch is the most complex Scotch a study shows

A while back I blogged about the work of Roullier-Gall and Kew in these two blogs. I have read more of Kew's work and have learned so much from it. This blog is not about the earlier... Continue Reading →

How colour develops in Whisky, over time ..

Everyone know colour in whisky comes from the cask! Right? And we are all certain this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well a recent study has expanded on this truth. I am not particularly... Continue Reading →

Patent: Ageing Whisky on a plane …..

So I keep track of science stuff related to whisky. One in a while there is a patent that is popping up in my searches. Today a particular interesting patent popped up. Screen capture from patent US 2020/0056133 A1, image... Continue Reading →

Terroir: How Sensory Destructive is Distillation?

"Generally, sensory compounds present in the colorless, unaged whiskies are also present in their barrel aged counterparts. Those sensory compounds are a product of mashing and fermentation and have the stability to withstand the distillation process. Compounds appearing in the barrel aged whiskies, which were not present in the unaged counterparts, are the product of barrel aging. Also, the total number of sensory compounds present in barrel aged whiskies generally increases with residence time spent in barrels."

Kew, et al. about “Whisky Terroir”

I have been reading much of the papers that have been published by Will Kew et al. which deal with Whisky. You will find multiple blogs on my website from this scientist. This Scientist has been investigating the component parts... Continue Reading →

Same WATERFORD Spirit in 4 different Wood Type Casks

I have been wondering for a long time what the effects would be of putting the same spirit in different kinds of wooden Casks. That is why I have been keeping track of "The Funnies" which have been maturing over... Continue Reading →

Terroir Research Update December 2019

Just some links to Terroir related Research. PS: I keep track of all research published anywhere. I will not mention all the research with a terroir link since that would result in over 2840 papers for 2019 alone. If you... Continue Reading →

Oak Species Flavour Profiles

Different Species of Oak give different flavours to a wine, beer or spirit. We all know this. There are some general indications for the origin of the oak. These are "American Oak", "European Oak" and "Japanse Oak". To sort the... Continue Reading →

Angels’ Share is Time, Humidity, Temperature, Chemistry, etc etc

I have always been interested in the actual Science behind the "Angels’ Share" phenomenon ever since I first heard the term. This phenomenon is currently mostly explained in simpleton terminologies. I am always glad somebody has actually done some science.... Continue Reading →

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