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Terroir, advancements in Wine research and link to whisky

I follow the developments of terroir in whisky for science papers. And to do so I read all I can find in papers. I find these papers by looking for then in journals, via ResearchGate and pages such as Google... Continue Reading →

Analysing my “collection”

As some of you know I keep track of my open bottle collection WhiskyBase. I had nothing to do so I started to mess around with the CSV you can download. Some useless statistics: Number of bottles226Minimum ABv40%Maximum ABv70%Minimum current... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: G: Wood Extractive 6. Vanilla

The congener of “Ice cream”, "Custard", "Cola", "Toffee", "Chocolate" and "Cake mix" are parts of the “Vanilla” sub category as part of the “Wood Extractive” head category. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on See the dark dries wire looking stuff... Continue Reading →

Barley SW, “Packing Efficiency” and “Grain Density”

So I posted a blog a while back about the relationship between "Terroir" and "Specific Density" in malted barley used for whisky. I had some left over questions about two terms being used. The first was "Packing Efficiency" and the... Continue Reading →

Terroir in Waterford New Make Spirit

There is no better way to see how a spirit turns into whisky than getting ones hands on samples of new make. New make is wildly difficult to get ones hands on and I only ever got to try some... Continue Reading →

Terroir and “Specific Weight” of malted Barley

I was reading a study by Hoyle, 2020 [1], about how Specific Weight of un-malted barley is related to Predicted Spirit Yield. Interesting stuff. It became even more interesting when I read the highlighted parts in the quote below.... Continue Reading →

Islay Scotch is the most complex Scotch a study shows

A while back I blogged about the work of Roullier-Gall and Kew in these two blogs. I have read more of Kew's work and have learned so much from it. This blog is not about the earlier... Continue Reading →

How colour develops in Whisky, over time ..

Everyone know colour in whisky comes from the cask! Right? And we are all certain this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well a recent study has expanded on this truth. I am not particularly... Continue Reading →

Patent: Ageing Whisky on a plane …..

So I keep track of science stuff related to whisky. One in a while there is a patent that is popping up in my searches. Today a particular interesting patent popped up. Screen capture from patent US 2020/0056133 A1, image... Continue Reading →

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