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Focusing my Terroir Research

This year I have decided to focus all my nerdy efforts into finding out what terroir does to a whisky, if anything. What I ran into immediately is a few problems with continuity assumptions in the whisky making process. The... Continue Reading →


The Botanist Gin + E150a!?

What happens to the colour of a drink if you add E150a Caramel Colour to an alcoholic beverage? How much caramel would you need in order to get a rich sherry matured look? Many people ask me such question in... Continue Reading →

Help Needed: Local Barley?

This year I want to see what the influence, if any, of locally grown barley is on the flavour profile of a whisky. To do so I need your help! So I would really really appreciate is if you comment... Continue Reading →

What Should I work on in 2019?

This blog is for me to write down what I learned. I don't really have a plan for what I am going to learn about. Today I wanted to ask your opinion.

25007 Reads! Thank you!

Some people would say a number can represent a barrier. Some people have something for a number. I just noticed that this blog passed the 25000 reads. 25000 is just like any other number, just a number! 25007 is not... Continue Reading →

Yule – Christmas – Akvavit – Whisky – Santa – Thor

I have been looking into the Germanic / Nordic influences of Yule on the traditions of Christmas. Why? Because my wife was telling me about the origins of Christmas. Besides being the celebration of the birth of Christ, lots of... Continue Reading →


The winners of the iLADDIE Whisky Nerd Awards are known! All the numbers have been added up! Before I go into the details of the how and the why, a short video that gives you the information you need about... Continue Reading →

Which Whisky was most educational in 2018?

In order to find out which whisky caused me to learn most, for the highest points in the Intergalactic Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Award, I have made this page to remind myself. So what did I learn? This year... Continue Reading →

Whisky glassware, compared

  This blog is taking me one step further in finding out which glassware is best suited for tasting and nosing whisky. I already did some comparison in an earlier blog which can be found here. So which glasses have... Continue Reading →

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