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What is “Peat”?

I noticed that I have been blogging about "peat" for a while now, without actually knowing what it is. I have known for a while that peat is not the name of 1 particular plant. I did have a wee... Continue Reading →


The Most Cost Effective Nosing Glass

I was wondering what my most cost effective whisky nosing glass was. So based on some measurements I did some simple math and I figured out which glass is the most Cost Effective. Some measurement I took in for an... Continue Reading →

Whisky Maturation “Tech Ingredients” Style

I have been looking at a very interesting YouTube Channel called "Tech Ingredients" ever since the epic Heat Wave of Juli 2019, when I wanted to learn all I could about how to keep cool, meaning, keeping the heat down.... Continue Reading →

Maturation Experiment, 2019 update

I have been running a small Whisky Maturation related Experiment whish started in April of 2017 and I wish to share an update with myself. I am writing this blog for myself as a diary, but if other people enjoy... Continue Reading →

The NEAT Glass, a closer look

The NEAT Glass, image (cc) by myself The the NEAT Glass is an engineered glass, according to the website. I will not copy the content of this page ( so you will have to look at it yourself to find... Continue Reading →

What can Wine Grape Terroir teach Barley Terroir?

I was reading an article by Cornelis van Leeuwen and Gerard Sequin called "The Concept of Terroir in Viticulture" [1] in order to understand better what the wine making folks mean with the concept of "terroir". Mind you, I am... Continue Reading →

Whisky and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

The world of Whisky Blogging, Whisky Writing, Whisky Journalism and Whisky Reviewing is just as susceptible to the Dunning-Kruger Effect as any other field of interest. The people that know what the previous sentence means are obviously aware of the... Continue Reading →

Whisky Related Studies: May 2019

April 2019 was an altogether quiet month for the publication of Whisky related studies. Luckily May 2019 was less boring, but only slightly so alas. Whisky Authentication This month yet another Whisky Authentication study was published. This time the method... Continue Reading →

This study explains why “Scotch” is less sweet than “Bourbon”

I keep track of whisky related studies being published in journals and magazines and a publication in Nature Scientific Reports looked interesting. The study investigates how different kinds of wood sugars degrade over time and how they are supposedly transferred... Continue Reading →

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