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Koval Bourbon Whiskey / Koval Four Grain

Koval Bourbon Whiskey I smelled and tasted the Koval Bourbon Whiskey. I have tasted the millet whisky of Koval and you may find the blog entry. Koval Bourbon Whiskey Short information list about the Bourbon Whisky: It's organic. It's kosher.... Continue Reading →


Koval Distillery’s "Millet" Whiskey

The Koval Distillery makes a diverse amount of Spirits and I have been lucky enough to have been send Four Samples of their drams by the kind people of Haromex. From the┬áKoval Distillery┬ásamples were send of: Millet whiskey, 100% millet,... Continue Reading →

Innovative Whiskeys From the USA

I'm blessed with having been send 12 samples of Whiskey/bourbon/rye made by some of the innovating distilleries in the USA! All for educational purposes off cause! Just to share what a vast amount of studying material I have been send... Continue Reading →

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