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Highland Park

Highland Park: Global Travel Retail

I was send four drams from Highland Park some weeks ago and now finally I can find a few hours to sit down and enjoy them. So now I am able to smell and taste this flight of HP; SPIRIT... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “The Dark”

When I had nosed and tasted the Highland Part "The Light" I hoped I would be able to taste "The Dark" as well. For nosing and tasting this dram I choose to try out my new Apple Numbers Sheet for... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “The Light”

The fun part about being a Whisky Nerd Blogger Person is that sometimes you end up on a mailing list for whisky related information. Being on such a mailing list has some fun consequences. One of those fun consequences is... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “New Make”, What I learned

What have I learned from all the Highland Park Whisky that I was able to taste this year? I set out this year to compare a new make spirit with other spirits made by the same distillery. So I looked... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “Full Volume”

It is a cold Sunday afternoon. Water-cold outside. I decided to try the Highland Park Full Volume. I have not read anything about this dram yet. I promised myself to go in nose first so to speak. So I did... Continue Reading →

Highland Park “Magnus”, What I learned

What did I learn from the Highland Park Magnus? First, how did I get a sample? Some time back I asked Highland Park if I could use images on my website. I asked because Hans Offringa pointed out that bloggers... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “New Make, 12 and Fire Edition”

Tonight I had took the time to taste three drams by Highland Park. Thanks to Steve Prentice of the Highland Park new make is now here. I have also been send a generous gift of Highland Park Fire Edition. The... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “12 yo”

Ever since I have been a wee Laddie I have been wanting to try a Highland Park dram. I had put it off till now since I was going to compare the drams to the New Make spirit made by... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “Fire Edition”, Unboxing

This is a blog entry that shows how to unbox a box. The box is given to me by the kind people of Typhoon Hospitality, who represent Highland Park in the Netherlands. Thank you Renee and Lisa! I will post... Continue Reading →

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