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Westlands American Oak Whiskey vs Garryana 2/1

I have, finally, had the time to compare two WestLand Single Malt Whiskeys. Today I had a free hour and so I could sit down and have a moment with these two drams. Ok, I needed my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones... Continue Reading →

Westland Garryana 2/1 2017

Yes! The #whiskyfabric is a wonderful thing. A while ago Sean, from the USA, contacted me. If I could help him out with some information where to go in London and Cambridge during his trip. Naturally! So we communicated back... Continue Reading →

American Single Malt Tasting Wheel

I have been writing about the Congeners on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel for some time now. And I am fully aware that there are lots of Tasting Wheels and Flavour Maps to be found online and in books. Some... Continue Reading →

What whisky I would get myself for Christmas

What whisky would I get myself for Christmas? What whisky would you give to a friend? I would get myself a tasting pack! Why? Because I can enjoy multiple whiskies during the Christmas days. Either from the same distillery or... Continue Reading →

Westland Whiskey from Seattle

I have been looking forward to finding, buying and tasting Westland Whiskey for about a year now. I think I stumbled on a blog or something that sparked my interest, because the "Westland" is also an area in the Netherlands... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Westland Distillery (Seattle, USA)

I have been following Westland for a while and, with permission, I wanted to share this wonderful blog with you. Also it helps me find it again in the future!

Malt Mileage Whisky & Spirit Reviews


Westland Distillery in Seattle produce single malt whiskey with a “grain-forward house style”. The distillery has three whiskies in its core range: American Oak, Peated Malt and Sherry Wood. 

In this Q&A Matt Hofmann, the Master Distiller at Westland Distillery, answers my questions about Westland’s “grain forward” American whiskey. Matt kindly provided these answers in August 2016. 

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American Single Malts – Overview

I was trying to find a list of American Single Malts and its quite hard. So I tried making one myself. This is what I found so far doing an hour long Copy and Paste. Still working on the list... Continue Reading →

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