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Corsair “Hydra” and “Wildfire” whiskey

Today my two bottles of Corsair Artisan Distillery arrived. One bottle is the "hydra" expression and the other is the "wildfire" expression. The "wildfire" is: bottle 240 of 550. made as batch 8. bottled at 50% ABV. smoked using hickory... Continue Reading →

American Single Malts – Overview

I was trying to find a list of American Single Malts and its quite hard. So I tried making one myself. This is what I found so far doing an hour long Copy and Paste. Still working on the list... Continue Reading →

Corsair Whiskey Haul

I have been thinking about getting some Corsair Distillery Drams for a while now. I have had a good bottle of "Triple Smoke" in the past and it won Bronze in my 2016 whisky nerd awards. I have been looking... Continue Reading →

Triple Smoke & Classic Laddie

I have been tasting two single malt barley Wisk(e)y's for some time now. The idea was that I could put them head to head and see how wood would make a difference. I had set out to do so a... Continue Reading →

Innovative Whiskeys From the USA

I'm blessed with having been send 12 samples of Whiskey/bourbon/rye made by some of the innovating distilleries in the USA! All for educational purposes off cause! Just to share what a vast amount of studying material I have been send... Continue Reading →

Unboxing Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey

My order of Corsair Triple Smoke 100% malted barley artisan whiskey from the USA is in! Ordered it at luxuriousdrinks here in the Netherlands.The box is excellent quality and it sort of wraps itself around the bottle. Ones open the empty... Continue Reading →

Hunting for Corsair Triple Smoke, Small Batch

I have been checking out some of the artisan distilleries that are active in the USA. One of these is the Corsair Distillery in Tennesee. I was asking E-Man Booze for advice on a USA made, Single Malt, matured in... Continue Reading →

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