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Caramel in Whisk(e)y? What is Caramel colouring anyway?!

What is the Caramel colouring in Whisky? Why is there caramel colouring in Whisky? anyways? You always hear about the E150a in Scotch. Is E150a a Caramel colouring? What is the Caramel Colouring in Whisky? The answer to this questions... Continue Reading →

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How do we smell and taste whisky?

I have been looking for some actual science that explains how we smell and taste whisky. How do whisky-chemicals interact with you brain.? I say brain because your brain is the end point. ps: if you replace whisky by whiskey,... Continue Reading →

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OCTOMORE OBA CONCEPT OBA/C_0.1, first tasting notes

I was reminding the Feis Ile 2016 Masterclass when Octomore Black Art was first presented. If you missed the introduction you can look at it here If you have not seen the introduction. Please take 10 minutes to watch the... Continue Reading →

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What is “Peat”?

I noticed that I have been blogging about "peat" for a while now, without actually knowing what it is. I have known for a while that peat is not the name of 1 particular plant. I did have a wee... Continue Reading →

Islay Peat is not Orkney Peat

I had been looking for any research digging into the peat compositions. I had found a study but could not download it, so I asked the author if I could have a copy. I could. So I had my MacBook... Continue Reading →

#LaddieMP8, Port Charlotte

It has been a while since the last #laddiemp7 and today it is finally time to see what Adam Hannett and the rest of the Laddie Crew have been up to. So today on Friday the 13th, I am sure... Continue Reading →

The Most Cost Effective Nosing Glass

I was wondering what my most cost effective whisky nosing glass was. So based on some measurements I did some simple math and I figured out which glass is the most Cost Effective. Some measurement I took in for an... Continue Reading →

Port Charlotte #MP8

Well, after a wee wait the #MP8 is here! Enough said really for now! Good luck trying to buy one! Three more drams to add to my single cask bruichladdich bottle! And a live tasting to look forward too! Can't... Continue Reading →

Whisky Maturation “Tech Ingredients” Style

I have been looking at a very interesting YouTube Channel called "Tech Ingredients" ever since the epic Heat Wave of Juli 2019, when I wanted to learn all I could about how to keep cool, meaning, keeping the heat down.... Continue Reading →

Maturation Experiment, 2019 update

I have been running a small Whisky Maturation related Experiment whish started in April of 2017 and I wish to share an update with myself. I am writing this blog for myself as a diary, but if other people enjoy... Continue Reading →

Whisky Glassware Dimensions (measured)

I have been wanting to measure my glassware for some time now and I had started with my NEAT glass this week. Yesterday (it is not important when it was) I measured the rest of the glassware I find interesting... Continue Reading →

The NEAT Glass, a closer look

The NEAT Glass, image (cc) by myself The the NEAT Glass is an engineered glass, according to the website. I will not copy the content of this page ( so you will have to look at it yourself to find... Continue Reading →

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