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Caramel in Whisk(e)y? What is Caramel colouring anyway?!

What is the Caramel colouring in Whisky? Why is there caramel colouring in Whisky? anyways? You always hear about the E150a in Scotch. Is E150a a Caramel colouring? What is the Caramel Colouring in Whisky? The answer to this questions... Continue Reading →

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How do we smell and taste whisky?

I have been looking for some actual science that explains how we smell and taste whisky. How do whisky-chemicals interact with you brain.? I say brain because your brain is the end point. ps: if you replace whisky by whiskey,... Continue Reading →

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OCTOMORE OBA CONCEPT OBA/C_0.1, first tasting notes

I was reminding the Feis Ile 2016 Masterclass when Octomore Black Art was first presented. If you missed the introduction you can look at it here If you have not seen the introduction. Please take 10 minutes to watch the... Continue Reading →

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Whisky Related Studies: November 2018

In the month November of 2018 the following Whisky Related Studies have been published: Authentication of key aroma compounds in apple using stable isotope approach L Strojnik, M Stopar, E Zlatič, D Kokalj, MN Gril… - Food Chemistry, 2018 Tested... Continue Reading →

Whisky Related Studies: October 2018

In the month October of 2018 the following Whisky Related Studies have been published: What does the term 'complexity' mean in the world of wine? C Spence, QJ Wang - International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 2018 Artificial Neural... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 2. Dried, Mint

The congener of Mint is part of the Grassy, Dried section on the Revised Scottish Whisky flavour wheel. So, this is about the blog is about the dried version of mint? In whisky? Interesting concept. Let’s see where this takes... Continue Reading →

Patent expired for GlenCairn Glass!?

The U.S. patent for the GlenCairn glass was filed on the 26th of September 2001. It is dated on the 25th of June 2002. The term is 14 years, so after 25th of June 2016 it has expired. I have... Continue Reading →

Lagavulin 8, a happy mistake!?

This week in October it is "Wilde Whisky Dagen" (aka Wild Whisky Days) at the Gall & Gall stores here in the Netherlands. I had €50,- left over and I decided that the Lagavulin 08 was going to be mine.... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 2. Dried, Herbal

So, it is time to describe the word "Herbal" which is on the Revised Whisky Tasting Flavour Wheel in the "Dried" and "Grassy" section. What does "Herbal" mean in relationship to Whisky? Let's see if we can "make cheese out... Continue Reading →

MacAllan 1978, 39YO, 59,2%

Thanks to the friendly people at TTB this label of a 39yo Macallan has popped up. It is apparently more then 39 yo, or at least that’s what it says on the label. A remade, refill cask with number 13810.... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 2. Dried, Tea

  The Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel has the congener of "Tea" on it as part of the "Grassy, Dried" section.   In the book by Inge Russel, Whisky Technology, Production and Marketing, Elsevier, 2003 no reference is made to... Continue Reading →

Terroir has influence on flavour

Within the whisky community some still hold the opinion that terroir has no significant impact on the sensory perception of a whisky. In previous blogs I have already looked at this obsolete standpoint. To keep an open mind about this... Continue Reading →

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