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How do we smell and taste whisky?

I have been looking for some actual science that explains how we smell and taste whisky. How do whisky-chemicals interact with you brain.? I say brain because your brain is the end point. The smell of whisky is the result... Continue Reading →

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#RSWFW : Whisky Congeners

I want to learn where all the Congeners in the Revised Scotch Whisky Flavour Wheel come from! How were the congeners made? What is meant by them? Where do they come from? This blog will be a updated to include... Continue Reading →

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GlenDronach 18, Allardice

A while back I bought myself a tasting pack with the 12, the 15 revival and the 18. I remember enjoying the 12. But at the time I did not feel like putting down any words about it. Last night... Continue Reading →

Adding Ethanol alcohol to Whisky

What happens to a dram if you do not add water, but ethanol alcohol? I wanted to find out and I used Compass Box Spice Tree for this little experiment. Compass Box Spice Tree is a beautiful whisky all by... Continue Reading →

Whisky Nerd ToDo’s for 2017

Lagavulin 8 + E150

What do you get when you add just 1 drop of E150 to a Lagavulin 8? Let's find out. I went to a home brewing hardware store near me and I picked up a bottle of Caramel E150. This is... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: B: Grainy, 3. Mash, Wort

Writing something on how wort smells and tastes is very very complicated or very very simple. Wort is filtered Mash moved into a Wash-Back, with Yeast added. Ones the Yeast is al done it is called Distillers Beer or Wash.... Continue Reading →

Adding ethanol to whisky

Just for the fun of it I am going to add ethanol alcohol to a dram of my choice. I will do this because I can and because nobody else seems to have done this. What I will get is... Continue Reading →

Bacon and eggs finish, pickled, salty

I am on vacation and this allows for some deviation of the rule of no drams during weekdays. So tonight I had a Bruichladdich feis ile dram which I got last year October when I was at the distillery. I... Continue Reading →

Tannins in Whisky

I want to find out if tannins are a source of colour in whisky. You would think that there would be plenty of information out there, but to be honest, I have found very very little information about the colour... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s staring you in the face

Sometimes the very very very obvious is staring us in the face, but we just don’t seem to see it. If you ask a wine expert what is giving wine it’s colour the answer you will get is “The tannins... Continue Reading →

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