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How do we smell and taste whisky?

I have been looking for some actual science that explains how we smell and taste whisky. How do whisky-chemicals interact with you brain.? I say brain because your brain is the end point. ps: if you replace whisky by whiskey,... Continue Reading →

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#RSWFW : Whisky Congeners

I want to learn where all the Congeners in the Revised Scotch Whisky Flavour Wheel come from! How were the congeners made? What is meant by them? Where do they come from? This blog will be a updated to include... Continue Reading →

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Sending a sample to Canada!

I had received two samples of whisky from Geordie in Canada. Naturally I would return two samples. So I boiled the bottles. Dried them. Wrote what would be in the bottles on a piece of paper and stuck it on... Continue Reading →

Should I debunk the Cask Design?

I am a precision engineer, Master of Science level, and I have been looking at the traditional cask design. To be honest, I have been frowning at it for a while now. Should I do a blog about all the... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 1. Fresh, Green Apple

The Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel has two, or rather three if you could pineapple, kinds of apple on it. "Green Apple" and "Apple". The later one is in the "Fruity, Orchard" section of the flavour wheel. Acetaldehyde is one... Continue Reading →

The colour of beer and whisky in “EBC” Units

I have always been interested in finding out the scale and units that describe the colour for Whisky. My training in basic colour sciences for my work has taught me one thing and that is that interesting sounding names for... Continue Reading →

Shelter Point Distillery, Inaugural Run

Thanks to the Whisky Fabric I was sent two sample bottles of Shelter Point Distillery, 2016, Inaugural Run. The bottles were sent by Geordie. Thank you very Geordie!! I will be sure to send something back to you as soon as... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich We Care Day

When I was on Islay on 2016 visiting the Bruichladdich distillery it felt, somehow, like coming home. Like walking into a place that could have belonged to family. Today, 28th of June 2018, the Bruichladdich Family Staff is helping out,... Continue Reading →

Who wants to be a Guest Blogger?

Hi! I am looking for someone to write a guest blog for my blog! If you are I interested in being a guest nerd, please contact me and let me know! I would love to see next level science, math,… Continue Reading →

USA “Whiskey” is actually spelled “Whisky”

What? Nah! Dude! You must be wrong! We know USA "Whisky" is spelled "Whiskey". You are wrong! Let's look into this some more ok! To find out what the "correct" spelling of "Whisky" from the USA is I did not... Continue Reading →

Some Nerdy insights into “Ex Bourbon first fill”

So, "First Fill Ex Bourbon Matured Scottish Single Malt whisky" .... That means something right? It says something about what I can expect right? I wanted to share an insight with myself. An insight that is so frigging obvious I... Continue Reading →

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