I will make a page about everything I learned about Peat on this page.

I started writing about Peat and this lead to two blogs about what I could learn just by reading some stuff.

I have been checking out Whisky Science papers and in March 2019 I found a study that specifically lists the Phenols that make the peat. I will add that to this page soon, but here is already a preview.

After I began describing the Congeners on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel I learned so much more.

I had finished with the Congeners and that was the time to find out other things like:

Then I found out that Phenols are, chemically, a sub family of Tannins. Here the link to Wine and Sherry is made because the dry and fruity taste of Sherry Matured Whisky has very much to do with Tannins.