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Catocton Creek

Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye

It's organic. It's kosher. It's family owned. It's independent. It's 100% organic rye mash. It's fresh American Minnesota white oak. It's 40% ABV, 80 proof It's unchill filtered. It's natural colour. It's fromĀ Purcellville in the USA. It's Catoctin Creek Roundstone... Continue Reading →

Innovative Whiskeys From the USA

I'm blessed with having been send 12 samples of Whiskey/bourbon/rye made by some of the innovating distilleries in the USA! All for educational purposes off cause! Just to share what a vast amount of studying material I have been send... Continue Reading →

Hunting for Cotactin Creek Roundstone Rye 92 proof

This is another "Hinting for" blog. This time the object of the hunt is one of the versions of a Rye whisky from the USA made by the Cotactin Creek distillery.Photo: from the website of Cotactin CreekThe Rye Whisky I... Continue Reading →

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