I have been writing on my blog for a while now. I use a style of writing that suits me. I realise that this style could be interpreted as “factual”. I try to keep room for interpretation and doubt in how I write my texts, but honestly, I am not a writer. So as a reminder for myself I am stating this to myself:

Please keep in mind that your blog (I am writing to myself now) is not meant to be factual.

I sometimes use words, put together in a sentence, that could read as factual. I remind myself that those words should be read as “As far as I know at this moment in time”.

My blog is a diary for me. I put down “stuff” so I can read it back later or to log what I have “found”, “realised for the first time”, “discovered” or “learned”.

I am Dutch. This means English / American is not my first lanquage and I am going to make mistakes. I try to use “Brittish” as my spelling checker on all my devices, but I am sure some “American” will get into my blog. I won’t be able to notice ­čśë just saying.

I have a request for anyone reading my blog. If you found anything on my blog you know to be inacurate, incomplete etc, please send me feedback about it. I highly appreciate any opertunaty to learn.

I buy most of my whisky myself. However I have been send some samples in the past. Here is a list:

  1. Compass box “Enlightenment”, sent by Compass box
  2. Compass box “The circus”, sent by Compass box
  3. Koval “Millet” whiskey, sent by Haromex
  4. Koval “Rye” whiskey,┬ásent by Haromex
  5. Koval “Four grain” whiskey,┬ásent by Haromex
  6. Koval “Bourbon”,┬ásent by Haromex
  7. Catoctin Creek “Roundstone Rye”, 40%,┬ásent by Haromex
  8. Catoctin Creek “Roundstone Rye”, 46%,┬ásent by Haromex
  9. Catoctin Creek “Roundstone Rye”, Cask%,┬ásent by Haromex
  10. Journeyman “Corsets, Whips & Whiskey”,┬ásent by Haromex
  11. Journeyman “Raven wood rye whiskey”,┬ásent by Haromex
  12. Journeyman “Featherbone bourbon”,┬ásent by Haromex
  13. Journeyman “W.R. White”, sent by Haromex
  14. Highland Park “Fire Edition”, sent by Typhoon Hospitality
  15. House of Malt “Highland 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky”, sent by House of Malt
  16. House of Malt “Speyside 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky”, sent by House of Malt
  17. House of Malt “Islay 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky”, sent by House of Malt
  18. Highland Park “Magnus”, via Edrington UK
  19. Highland Park “Full Volume”, via Edrington UK
  20. Highland Park “The Light”, via Edrington UK
  21. Balblair 12 Years, Gordon&MacPhail, via Tweet Tastings
  22. Tormore 13 Years, Gordon&MacPhail, via Tweet Tastings
  23. Miltonduff 10 Years, Gordon&MacPhail, via Tweet Tastings
  24. Caol Ila 13 Year, Gordon&MacPhail, via Tweet Tastings
  25. Yamazakura 963, 21 Year Old, Dekant─ü, via Tweet Tastings
  26. Eigashima 2011 Kikou ÔÇô Ki Series,┬áDekant─ü, via Tweet Tastings
  27. Highland Park “The Dark”, via Edrington UK
  28. Jura “Journey”,┬ávia Tweet Tastings
  29. Jura “10 YO”,┬ávia Tweet Tastings
  30. Jura “12 YO”,┬ávia Tweet Tastings
  31. Jura “Zeven Wood”,┬ávia Tweet Tastings
  32. Jura “18 YO”,┬ávia Tweet Tastings
  33. Highland Park, Spirit of the Bear, via Edrington UK
  34. Highland Park, Loyalty of the Wolf, via Edrington UK
  35. Highland Park, Wings of the Eagle, via Edrington UK
  36. Highland Park, Viking Pride Travel Edition, via Edrington UK
  37. Teaninich 1999 single cask, Claxton’s, via Tweet Tastings
  38. Springbank 1996 single cask,┬áClaxton’s, via Tweet Tastings
  39. Bruichladdich 2002 single cask, Claxton’s, via Tweet Tastings
  40. Dumbarton 1986 single cask, Claxton’s, via Tweet Tastings
  41. Ledaig 2008┬ásingle cask, Claxton’s, via Tweet Tastings

Use of Images

I try to use my own photo’s on my blog. These photo’s will have “Image by iLaddie” in the “alt-text”. These images may be used under (CC) by others. For more information see below.

I try not to use copyright protected images on my blog. I will ask permission first or apply “fair use”. If anyone finds that I accidentally did not use copyright material correctly please let me know and I will promptly replace or remove the image.

Use of Texts

To illustrate by blog I sometimes use (Fair Use) texts found in work written by others. I will try to use my own words when writing my blogs, but honestly sometimes is best to quote since the original author has written it as it should be read. I try to illustrate these texts by mentioning the author and placing them in italics. I put the word “Quote” in from of them like shown below. Oh, and I recently found the “blockquote” option does in WordPress.


“Text found in another source” (author, date, etc)

I will try and redact my quotes in previous blog entries from before 21 August 2017. Please be kind if I haven’t gotten around to them ^_^.


As you can see I am a person with a blog. This blog has no other intention to write down my personal thoughts. These thoughts are my own and are not intended to offend, hurt or otherwise harm anyone.

I am not selling anything to anyone, so I have no commercial interest what so ever.


I am only human and this means I make mistakes. If I happen to have made a mistake and you find that I did, please let me know and I will correct such mistake.


Creative Commons License
This work by “iLaddie”, Rombout Mastenbroek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.