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Angels’ Share is Time, Humidity, Temperature, Chemistry, etc etc

I have always been interested in the actual Science behind the "Angels’ Share" phenomenon ever since I first heard the term. This phenomenon is currently mostly explained in simpleton terminologies. I am always glad somebody has actually done some science.... Continue Reading →

Definitive Science Shows Terroir influences Whiskey

I have been looking for any scientific articles on the actual effect of terroir on the actual whiskey, and this week I stumbled upon just such an article. This article is called "Assessing the impact of corn variety and Texas... Continue Reading →

All new USA “Light Whisky” from 2017

Did you know there is a type of Whisky made in the USA that is called "Light Whisky"? I did know and I posted a blog about it in the past. In 2017 fifteen new "Light Whiskies" were added to... Continue Reading →

Bourbon after #Brexit

Is the "Bourbon" and "Tennessee Whisky" designation on a Label still protected in the United Kingdom after Brexit? I think it is not. Here is why I think that. In simple words. "Bourbon" is protected in EU law. EU law... Continue Reading →

Dare to all USA craft distillers

I dare all USA craft distillers to mature a Single Malt spirit in refill, yes refill, Charred American Oak barrels, previously containing your own Whisky, Rye or Bourbon (etc). Why the dare? I have always been told that USA whisky... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich Octomore #laddieMP6

What can we learn from the information given about the #laddiemp6 Octomore bottles without nosing and tasting them? This is an attempt by me to predict some of the notes I can expect based on the know how I currently... Continue Reading →

American Single Malts – Overview

I was trying to find a list of American Single Malts and its quite hard. So I tried making one myself. This is what I found so far doing an hour long Copy and Paste. Still working on the list... Continue Reading →

My Links to Whisky Shops

I have listed some links to websites that I typically brows for whisky. The list is not static. Dutch Websites: USA websites that ship abroad: International websites: Distillery Webshops:

Noah’s Mill, Bourbon Whiskey

On my instagram I posted a photo with the question what I should blog about next. The first answer I got was from a Dutch blogger called the whiskygirl. Her blog can be found on She suggested I blog about... Continue Reading →

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