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Rum Review: Dos Maderas Selleccion

I have been looking into Rum for some time now. Ever since I bought the Foursquare Rum Ralfy suggested I have been looking into this liquor. I had asked for some advice from the people at and quite to... Continue Reading →


Port Charlotte MC: 01

ToDo: PORT CHARLOTTE, MC: 01, 2009 It seems I need to fly to somewhere in order to buy this! Ah! Bollocks! Good thing I travel internationally for work! So there is hope!! Wish me luck!

How to write a blog like a Scientific article

This blog is just for me as the disclaimer already mentions. This blog in particular is a work in progress kind of blog. I plan to add information on how to make a WordPress template for a scientific article like... Continue Reading →

Whisky Industry suffering under “USA Shutdown”?

Normally I check the TTB website for new labels that are being approved for use in the USA. But these past weeks have seen something weird. No new labels have been approved after the 21st of December 2018. What the!!?... Continue Reading →

Best non-whisky related tip of 2019!

This is the best tip you will get in 2019! It is the best tip! Seriously it is an amazing tip! (Read with trump accent) Tip: "Don't leave your passport on the toilet paper dispenser, while taking a moment, of... Continue Reading →

Yule – Christmas – Akvavit – Whisky – Santa – Thor

I have been looking into the Germanic / Nordic influences of Yule on the traditions of Christmas. Why? Because my wife was telling me about the origins of Christmas. Besides being the celebration of the birth of Christ, lots of... Continue Reading →

ILaddie in het Nederlands?

Beste lezers! Is er behoefte aan een Nederlandse vertaling van de blogs? Tot nu toe schrijf ik in het Engels, maar ik kan net zo goed een Nederlandse vertaling van een blogpost plaatsen naast de Engelse? Google Translate from Dutch... Continue Reading →


A reminder to myself to read the Disclaimer! This blog is supposed to give you (me) the opertunaty to relax while your (my) mind is being distracted from worldly stuff! If the blogpost I had in mind is posted a... Continue Reading →

Which Whisky was most educational in 2018?

In order to find out which whisky caused me to learn most, for the highest points in the Intergalactic Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Award, I have made this page to remind myself. So what did I learn? This year... Continue Reading →

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