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Whisky and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

The world of Whisky Blogging, Whisky Writing, Whisky Journalism and Whisky Reviewing is just as susceptible to the Dunning-Kruger Effect as any other field of interest. The people that know what the previous sentence means are obviously aware of the... Continue Reading →


Whisky Science Book PayPall funding?

What do you think? Can I ask people that read my blog to help fund a Whisky Science book purchase? The book costs about €140,- and is crammed full of chemistry and flavour compound chemistry which I love! Only thing... Continue Reading →

Lego IDEAS 21306 Yellow Submarine Build

A while back I posted a blogpost about the Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine. In this blogpost I say it would so rock if someone had an empty bottle that they would be able to send to me. And guess what! A... Continue Reading →

This study explains why “Scotch” is less sweet than “Bourbon”

I keep track of whisky related studies being published in journals and magazines and a publication in Nature Scientific Reports looked interesting. The study investigates how different kinds of wood sugars degrade over time and how they are supposedly transferred... Continue Reading →

Glenfarclas “passion”

I visit a liquor shop in my hometown of Lelystad sometimes. This liquor shop has an upper floor where the non-standard collection is kept. So naturally I visit there and brows. Some time ago I noticed a whole range of... Continue Reading →

The Essential Introduction to Whisk(e)y, by @DramGazette

When people are gaining more and more knowledge there comes a time when they feel a need to share that knowledge with others. This is what happened to Wim from @DramGazette. What he learned he put into words and then... Continue Reading →

Who is my audience? You?

Who is / are my audience? That is a very good question, which I can not answer at this point in time, since I have not done any statistical analysis, or any other kind of analysis, at all. My disclaimer... Continue Reading →

Creative Commons Image Search

I keep using the WordPress images that are CC, but I can also use this search engine provided by the Creative Commons people themselves. For future reference I added this link:

Rum Review: Dos Maderas Selleccion

I have been looking into Rum for some time now. Ever since I bought the Foursquare Rum Ralfy suggested I have been looking into this liquor. I had asked for some advice from the people at and quite to... Continue Reading →

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