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I am a dad and husband first. I have a job designing train interiors. As a hobby I try to learn everything I can about what makes whisky what it is. This blog is a nerdy effort to document my findings in a diary kind of way. (bribes are welcome!)

“Auteursrecht” – “Copyright”

I was legally reading an editorial by Hans Offringa in the Whisky Magazine, issue 144, page 11 on my iPAD. In his editorial he was writing about bloggers using WordPress and how some bloggers use plagiarism for their blogs content. It plagiarism... Continue Reading →

“The” whisky glasses got delivered

Some while back I found out that the tasting glasses I owned were not actually the official INAO / ISO 3591:1977 tasting glasses. So I looked around online and found them! I tried finding them at my local stores but... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: B: Grainy, 2. Malt, Malted Barley

The whisky congener of "Malted Barley" is one you would expect to be a walk in the park to describe. It either is or it is not. Depending on how much detail you would want to put into it.Lets look... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: B: Grainy, 2. Malt, Malt Extract

The whisky congener of "Malt Extract" was one I did not understand at all. After finding out what "Malt Extract" is it makes sence that it is on the revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel. A description of "Malt Extract" is... Continue Reading →


I have been writing on my blog for a while now. I use a style of writing that suits me. I realise that this style could be interpreted as "factual". I try to keep room for interpretation and doubt in... Continue Reading →

Westland Whiskey from Seattle

I have been looking forward to finding, buying and tasting Westland Whiskey for about a year now. I think I stumbled on a blog or something that sparked my interest, because the "Westland" is also an area in the Netherlands... Continue Reading →

Tasting Glassware, compared

I have been using my blog as a notebook. As a diary, where I keep track of what I learn. Today I learned something about a "conclusion" I formulated in another blog. I was wrong about the conclusion I drew... Continue Reading →

How does Octomore get soooo peaty?

I have been "learning" about peating whisky. I have been blogging about it actually in some blogs here on WordPress. First two blogs are linked below. What the phenols! The Phenols that make the peat The other blogs about phenolic... Continue Reading →

What the …. Phenols!

Added a video by Bart and Scott for Octomore 6.3 to this entry

Read soon: http://Manchester


I was so proud!  I had been to my holy grail! I had walked in the halls of the White House! Visited the Palace stables where price stallions are nurtured! I had spoken to the Gods!

Ok ok, I had a tour at the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay! I have actually been in the other White House, the one in DC.

whitehouse Me at the White House, 2001

Anyways, I had been sorta intelligent by bringing sample bottles with me. One I filled with peated barley which I had taken from the keeps. Ehmm, the Laddie shop counter …

img_9745 My Peated Barley

I made sure I was going to smell the “Peat” for ever and ever! Relive the experience! I was so sure of it I offered to send some of the Devine grains to Bart. Boom!!! Bart always says “Boom!”. Bart is one of the Scotch Test Dummies. The…

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