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I am a dad and husband first. I have a job designing train interiors. As a hobby I try to learn everything I can about what makes whisky what it is. This blog is a nerdy effort to document my findings in a diary kind of way. (bribes are welcome!)

Compass Box “The Spice Tree”

Yesterday I finished my first bottle of Compass Box The Spice Tree. I had bought it because of the types of wood used for making the cask. Now that I did the first bottle kill for this dram I can... Continue Reading →


Where to buy The Classic Laddie

Where to best buy the Bruichladdich Classic Laddie here in the Netherlands? I could order it in de UK, France, Germany, from the Distillery and from the Netherlands.   Prices vary ALOT! The best prices are in the 30-ties, while... Continue Reading →

Photography Sunday Afternoon

The iLaddie Awards, 2017, nominees

This years nominees for the international, global, iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2017 are: In order of whiskybase ID: ID Brand Name 79 Highland Park 12-year-old 306 Ardbeg Ten 2155 Tomintoul Peaty Tang 4373 Bruichladdich 2001, Resurrection Dram 7541 Glendronach 15-year-old... Continue Reading →

Highland Park Full Volume

It is a cold Sunday afternoon. Water-cold outside. I decided to try the Highland Park Full Volume. I have not read anything about this dram yet. I promised myself to go in nose first so to speak. So I did... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 1. Fresh, Leafy

I have been putting of writing a blog about the Congener of "Leafy" is the Fresh Section of the Grassy Group. Why? Because I thought that "Leafy" is about as specific as describing your BMW 7 series as a "Car".... Continue Reading →

GlenDronach 18, Allardice

A while back I bought myself a tasting pack with the 12, the 15 revival and the 18. I remember enjoying the 12. But at the time I did not feel like putting down any words about it. Last night... Continue Reading →

Adding Ethanol alcohol to Whisky

What happens to a dram if you do not add water, but ethanol alcohol? I wanted to find out and I used Compass Box Spice Tree for this little experiment. Compass Box Spice Tree is a beautiful whisky all by... Continue Reading →

Whisky Nerd ToDo’s for 2017

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