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I am a dad and husband first. I have a job designing train interiors. As a hobby I try to learn everything I can about what makes whisky what it is. This blog is a nerdy effort to document my findings in a diary kind of way. (bribes are welcome!)

Whisky Glassware Patents List

How are the shapes of Whisky Glassware protected agains copying by others? Well, just like with all products, the inventors can apply for a patent that protects them from others illegally using their designs. That had me thinking. What would... Continue Reading →


LAPHROAIG 30, “The Ian Hunter Story”

The TTB in the USA has finally begun working again! Yes! One of the drams I noticed first was a Laphroaig 30 YO! "The Ian Hunter Story" Laphroaig 30, The Ian Hunter Story, Image as found on https://www.ttbonline.govLaphroaig 30, The... Continue Reading →

Focusing my Terroir Research

This year I have decided to focus all my nerdy efforts into finding out what terroir does to a whisky, if anything. What I ran into immediately is a few problems with continuity assumptions in the whisky making process. The... Continue Reading →

The Botanist Gin + E150a!?

What happens to the colour of a drink if you add E150a Caramel Colour to an alcoholic beverage? How much caramel would you need in order to get a rich sherry matured look? Many people ask me such question in... Continue Reading →

Whisky Industry suffering under “USA Shutdown”?

Normally I check the TTB website for new labels that are being approved for use in the USA. But these past weeks have seen something weird. No new labels have been approved after the 21st of December 2018. What the!!?... Continue Reading →

Help Needed: Local Barley?

This year I want to see what the influence, if any, of locally grown barley is on the flavour profile of a whisky. To do so I need your help! So I would really really appreciate is if you comment... Continue Reading →

Whisky “Terroir” research

This blog is probably the most boring blogpost like everrrrr on my blog. It is not even about Whisky. It is not even about Barley. It is about any research I could find with the word "Terroir" in it. I... Continue Reading →

Best non-whisky related tip of 2019!

This is the best tip you will get in 2019! It is the best tip! Seriously it is an amazing tip! (Read with trump accent) Tip: "Don't leave your passport on the toilet paper dispenser, while taking a moment, of... Continue Reading →

What Should I work on in 2019?

This blog is for me to write down what I learned. I don't really have a plan for what I am going to learn about. Today I wanted to ask your opinion.

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