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I am a whisky nerd. I read science papers about whisky. Legal texts. ISO / EN / DIN / ASTM Standards about sensory analysis. WSET / SDEN course information. IBD training information etc! Gas and liquid Physics. Yeast biotechnology etc. The more nerdy the better!

What is “Peat”?

I noticed that I have been blogging about "peat" for a while now, without actually knowing what it is. I have known for a while that peat is not the name of 1 particular plant. I did have a wee... Continue Reading →


Islay Peat is not Orkney Peat

I had been looking for any research digging into the peat compositions. I had found a study but could not download it, so I asked the author if I could have a copy. I could. So I had my MacBook... Continue Reading →

#LaddieMP8, Port Charlotte

It has been a while since the last #laddiemp7 and today it is finally time to see what Adam Hannett and the rest of the Laddie Crew have been up to. So today on Friday the 13th, I am sure... Continue Reading →

The Most Cost Effective Nosing Glass

I was wondering what my most cost effective whisky nosing glass was. So based on some measurements I did some simple math and I figured out which glass is the most Cost Effective. Some measurement I took in for an... Continue Reading →

Port Charlotte #MP8

Well, after a wee wait the #MP8 is here! Enough said really for now! Good luck trying to buy one! Three more drams to add to my single cask bruichladdich bottle! And a live tasting to look forward too! Can't... Continue Reading →

Whisky Maturation “Tech Ingredients” Style

I have been looking at a very interesting YouTube Channel called "Tech Ingredients" ever since the epic Heat Wave of Juli 2019, when I wanted to learn all I could about how to keep cool, meaning, keeping the heat down.... Continue Reading →

Maturation Experiment, 2019 update

I have been running a small Whisky Maturation related Experiment whish started in April of 2017 and I wish to share an update with myself. I am writing this blog for myself as a diary, but if other people enjoy... Continue Reading →

Whisky Glassware Dimensions (measured)

I have been wanting to measure my glassware for some time now and I had started with my NEAT glass this week. Yesterday (it is not important when it was) I measured the rest of the glassware I find interesting... Continue Reading →

The NEAT Glass, a closer look

The NEAT Glass, image (cc) by myself The the NEAT Glass is an engineered glass, according to the website. I will not copy the content of this page ( so you will have to look at it yourself to find... Continue Reading →

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