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How does Octomore get soooo peaty?

I have been "learning" about peating whisky. I have been blogging about it actually in some blogs here on WordPress. First two blogs are linked below. What the phenols! The Phenols that make the peat The other blogs about phenolic... Continue Reading →


Bruichladdich Octomore #laddieMP6

What can we learn from the information given about the #laddiemp6 Octomore bottles without nosing and tasting them? This is an attempt by me to predict some of the notes I can expect based on the know how I currently... Continue Reading →

Ardnahoe Distillery

In the coming years all Islay Whisky fans get the opportunity to actively follow all the steps of creating a new dram. Not just following how the first whisky is bottled, but also how the first whisky is distilled, how... Continue Reading →

Ardbeg 10 at -18C / -0.4F

What happens to Ardbeg 10 yo when you put it in the fridge?  Screw the ice cubes! Screw the "not done!". I'm going nerdstyle and finding out!  Why?  To quote Adam Hannett:"Why not!". So I took a sample bottle and... Continue Reading →

Blending Bruichladdich LaddieMP5

I have been having a bit of a crappy day. So I decided to do something fun! I decided I wanted to have a good Port Charlotte Cask Strength Whisky tonight. These drams are absolutely amazing by themselves. You can... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich PC LaddieMP5

First reaction to the Bruichladdich Port Charlotte LaddieMP5 tasting was "OMG!" ... or as we say in Dutch "Heilige Schijt!". Please don't translate this back to English if you don't want to be offended. Translate to Scottish anytime you like! I... Continue Reading →

Laphroaig 10 yo Photoshoot

I like photography. I do keep a account for my "work". I tried shooting models but I found out soon enough that nature and product photography are more my style. Today I shot a number of bottles! And one... Continue Reading →

Black Bowmore “The last cask” 50 yo?

As always I sometimes check new releases on the TTB online label register. Today I found a whopper of a dram on this site: A Black Bowmore "The last Cask" of 50 yo, matured in a Sherry Hoghead cask, distilled... Continue Reading →

Octomore 10, second edition

Bruichladdich has released the second edition of ten year old malts. The distillery had organised a twitter tasting and it was great fun following the #tenstroika tag. One of the drams that was tasted online was the Octomore. The tasting notes... Continue Reading →

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