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Whisky Glassware Patents List

How are the shapes of Whisky Glassware protected agains copying by others? Well, just like with all products, the inventors can apply for a patent that protects them from others illegally using their designs. That had me thinking. What would... Continue Reading →


Who makes The Glencairn Glass?

I was wondering who makes the GlenCairn Glass. I was wondering this because one would expect it to be made by The GlenCairn Company (est. 1980) in the UK. I was watching a video by Ralfy Mitchel. It has an... Continue Reading →

Whisky glassware, compared

  This blog is taking me one step further in finding out which glassware is best suited for tasting and nosing whisky. I already did some comparison in an earlier blog which can be found here. So which glasses have... Continue Reading →

How to (not) have a proper Whisky / Wine tasting!

In this blog I explain to myself how I should organise a proper whisky / wine tasting! What are the "do's" and what are the "don'ts"? What environment should I be in? How can I prevent bias during a whisky... Continue Reading →

“The” whisky glasses got delivered

Some while back I found out that the tasting glasses I owned were not actually the official INAO / ISO 3591:1977 tasting glasses. So I looked around online and found them! I tried finding them at my local stores but... Continue Reading →

Tasting Glassware, compared

I have been using my blog as a notebook. As a diary, where I keep track of what I learn. Today I learned something about a "conclusion" I formulated in another blog. I was wrong about the conclusion I drew... Continue Reading →

Unboxing Italian “Tasting Glass”

There are two ISO standard tasting glasses documented in international standards. The first is best know as the standard "wine" tasting glass. The second is know as the standard "olive oil" tasting glass. Since the Netherlands is not know, at... Continue Reading →

ISO 16657, Tasting Glass

In the ISO standards there are two types of glasses that are standardised. First is the ISO 3591:1977 glass which looks like this.   I have blogged about this glass before in this blog. The only other ISO standardised tasting... Continue Reading →

Standardized Whisky Tasting Glass ISO 3591:1977

Moving some of the more Nerdy Blogs Up!

iLaddie Whisky Nerd

This blog is not very opinionated. It is in fact quite boring in it’s factuality.

The tools for tasting whisky are off course a whisky, whiskey or a bourbon. Next you need your hands, nose, mouth and eyes. The other thing you need, if you don’t drink from the bottle, is some kind of container.

There is wide debate which glass you need for the best experience. Questions like “What is the best whiskey glass?” or “Is the Norlan Whisky glass better?” or “is a Glencairn the best whisky glass?” This blog is about non of that debate. This blog is about world wide standardisation of a glass, a tasting glass.

The good people of the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) give us all kinds off standards to enjoy reading. Most, in fact all, of the standards on the site are download protected and need to be bought. Luckily for me…

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