There is a list of flavours and aroma’s on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel. This list is the result of hard work that was done by many people. The origins of the RSWFW, as I call it in short, can be found following this link.

I wanted to learn and then share where all the Congeners in the Revised Scotch Whisky Flavour Wheel (#RSWFW) come from!

  • How were the congeners made during the whisky production process?
  • What is meant by them?
  • Where do they come from?

This page will be an updated to include links to individual blog entries. So if you want to find out what makes whisky taste like vanilla? Just scroll down and click the link.

ps: I started this task on 31 December 2016. I will go from the first to the last descriptor. So if you find a descriptor without a link … I have probably not gotten around to it yet.

pps: feel free to send input!

A: Peaty1. BurntTar
A: Peaty1. BurntSoot
A: Peaty1. BurntAsh
A: Peaty2. SmokeyWood Smoke
A: Peaty2. SmokeyKippery
A: Peaty2. SmokeySmoked bacon
A: Peaty2. SmokeySmoked cheese
A: Peaty3. MedicinalTCP
A: Peaty3. MedicinalAntiseptic Germoline
A: Peaty3. MedicinalHospital
B: Grainy1. CerealDigestive biscuit
B: Grainy1. CerealHusky
B: Grainy1. CerealBran
B: Grainy1. CerealLeathery
B: Grainy1. CerealTobacco
B: Grainy1. CerealMousy
B: Grainy2. MaltMalt extract
B: Grainy2. MaltMalted barley
B: Grainy3. MashPorridge
B: Grainy3. MashDraff
B: Grainy3. MashWort
B: Grainy3. MashCooked Maize
C: Grassy1. FreshLeafy
C: Grassy1. FreshWet/Cut grass
C: Grassy1. FreshFlower stem
C: Grassy1. FreshGreen Apple
C: Grassy1. FreshGreen Banana
C: Grassy2. DriedHay
C: Grassy2. DriedStraw
C: Grassy2. DriedTea
C: Grassy2. DriedMint
C: Grassy2. DriedHerbal
D: Fruity1. SolventyNail varnish remover
D: Fruity1. SolventyPaint thinner
D: Fruity1. SolventyFusel oil
D: Fruity2. OrchardApple
D: Fruity2. OrchardPeaches
D: Fruity2. OrchardPear
D: Fruity3. TropicalPear-drop
D: Fruity3. TropicalBanana
D: Fruity3. TropicalPineapple
D: Fruity3. TropicalMelon
D: Fruity4. CitrusOrange
D: Fruity4. CitrusLemon
D: Fruity4. CitrusGrapefruit
D: Fruity4. CitrusZest
D: Fruity5. BerriesTomato stem
D: Fruity5. BerriesBlack Currant
D: Fruity5. BerriesCatty
D: Fruity6. DriedRaisins
D: Fruity6. DriedFigs
D: Fruity6. DriedPrunes
E: Floral1. NaturalRose
E: Floral1. NaturalLavender
E: Floral1. NaturalViolet
E: Floral1. NaturalBlue bell
E: Floral1. NaturalCarnation
E: Floral1. NaturalHeather
E: Floral1. NaturalHoney
E: Floral2. ArtificialFragrant
E: Floral2. ArtificialScented
E: Floral2. ArtificialPerfumed
F: Feints1. Grainy
F: Feints2. Cheesy
F: Feints3. Oily
F: Feints4. Sulphury
G. Woody new1. SapGreen bark
G. Woody new1. SapWet wood
G. Woody new2. CedarSawdust
G. Woody new2. CedarSharpened pencil
G. Woody new3. OakResin
G. Woody new3. OakPolish
G. Woody new4. PineTurpentine
G. Woody new4. PineRetsina
G: Woody Extractive5. NuttyCoconut
G: Woody Extractive5. NuttyHazel nut
G: Woody Extractive5. NuttyWalnut
G: Woody Extractive5. NuttyAlmond/marzipan
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaIce cream
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaCustard
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaCola
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaToffee
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaChocolate
G: Woody Extractive6. VanillaCake mix
G: Woody Extractive7. SpicyClove
G: Woody Extractive7. SpicyCinnamon
G: Woody Extractive7. SpicyGinger
G: Woody Extractive7. SpicyAromatic
G: Woody Extractive7. SpicyNutmeg
G: Woody Extractive8. CaramelCandy floss
G: Woody Extractive8. CaramelTreacle
G: Woody Extractive8. CaramelCoffee
G: Woody Extractive8. CaramelToast
G: Woody Extractive8. CaramelLiquorice
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous useSherry
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous useBourbon
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous usePort
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous useRum
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous useBrandy
G: Woody Extractive9. Previous useWine
G: Woody Defective10. MothballParaffin
G: Woody Defective10. MothballNaphtha
G: Woody Defective10. MothballCamphor
G: Woody Defective11. MustyMouldy
G: Woody Defective11. MustyEarthy
G: Woody Defective11. MustyFusty
G: Woody Defective11. MustyCorked
G: Woody Defective12. VinegaryAcetic
G: Woody Defective12. VinegarySour
H. Sweet1. Buttery
H. Sweet2. Fruity
H. Sweet3. Floral
H. Sweet4. Woody
I. Stale1. CardboardPapery
I. Stale1. CardboardFilter sheet
I. Stale2. MetallicInky
I. Stale2. MetallicTinny
I. Stale2. MetallicWet iron
I. Stale2. MetallicRusty
J. Sulphury1. StagnantSewer
J. Sulphury1. StagnantDrains
J. Sulphury1. StagnantFoul water
J. Sulphury1. StagnantRotten vegetables
J. Sulphury2. MeatyYeasty
J. Sulphury2. MeatyRotten egg
J. Sulphury2. Meaty
J. Sulphury2. MeatyMarmite
J. Sulphury3. VegetableTurnip
J. Sulphury3. VegetablePotato peel
J. Sulphury3. VegetableCooked
J. Sulphury3. VegetableCooked Cabbage
J. Sulphury4. SourPickled onion
J. Sulphury4. SourGarlic
J. Sulphury5. GassyAcrid
J. Sulphury5. GassyBurnt match
J. Sulphury6. RubberyTyre / tubes
J. Sulphury6. RubberyPencil eraser
J. Sulphury6. RubberyPlastic
K. Cheesy1. RancidSickly sour
K. Cheesy1. RancidBaby vomit
K. Cheesy1. RancidOxidized fat
K. Cheesy2. SweatyOld trainer / sock
K. Cheesy2. SweatyMusky
K. Cheesy2. SweatyPiggery
L. Oily1. SoapyWaxy
L. Oily1. SoapyUnscented soap
L. Oily1. SoapyDetergent
L. Oily1. SoapyDamp laundry
L. Oily2. ButteryCreamy
L. Oily2. ButteryToffee
L. Oily2. ButteryButter scotch
L. Oily3. LubricantMineral oil
L. Oily4. FatFatty
L. Oily4. FatGreasy
L. Oily4. FatFish oil
L. Oily4. FatCastor oil
P. Primary taste1. Bitter
P. Primary taste2. Salt
P. Primary taste3. Sour
P. Primary taste4. Sweet
Mouth effect1. AstringentDrying
Mouth effect1. AstringentFurry
Mouth effect1. AstringentPowdery
Mouth effect2. CoatingOily/creamy feeling
Mouth effect3. WarmingAlcoholic burn
Mouth effect3. WarmingFiery
Nasal effect1. Pungent
Nasal effect2. Drying