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Why Buy Octomore X4+10?

Every ones in a while you get an email that sets your mind racing. Most of the times this is somehow whisky related. And this time I had an idea what it might have been. The team at Bruichladdich had... Continue Reading →

#LaddieMP8, Port Charlotte

It has been a while since the last #laddiemp7 and today it is finally time to see what Adam Hannett and the rest of the Laddie Crew have been up to. So today on Friday the 13th, I am sure... Continue Reading →

Port Charlotte #MP8

Well, after a wee wait the #MP8 is here! Enough said really for now! Good luck trying to buy one! Three more drams to add to my single cask bruichladdich bottle! And a live tasting to look forward too! Can't... Continue Reading →

Wish-list: Bruichladdich Yellow Submarine (empty bottle)

I have been having one dram on my wish-list for some time now and it is the Yellow Submarine by Bruichladdich Distillery. Why is this dram on my wish-list? Image by Guillén Pérez (cc) on Flickr. This photo of a... Continue Reading →

A Blend of 16 Single Casks, B.P.O. by @Bruichladdich

Today I did something I had been wanting to do for ages. I had bought the equipment to do so ages ago. So today I blended 16 Single Cask Cask Strength Whiskies from Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore. Pipette to... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich 1989, 26 YO, Cask 44

Bruichladdich 1989, Cask 44, Oh My Fu$%ng God! Yeah that's a tasting note for "holy crap thats good!"

The Botanist Gin + E150a!?

What happens to the colour of a drink if you add E150a Caramel Colour to an alcoholic beverage? How much caramel would you need in order to get a rich sherry matured look? Many people ask me such question in... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich We Care Day

When I was on Islay on 2016 visiting the Bruichladdich distillery it felt, somehow, like coming home. Like walking into a place that could have belonged to family. Today, 28th of June 2018, the Bruichladdich Family Staff is helping out,... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich: Feis Ile 2018 Masterclass

So just some notes for the Masterclass given by Adam Hannett on the 27th of May 2018. The theme is grey. This is to do with the Port Charlotte re-lounge introduction. The Theme for this MasterClass is Port Charlotte. Adam... Continue Reading →

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