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Bruichladdich Octomore #laddieMP6

What can we learn from the information given about the #laddiemp6 Octomore bottles without nosing and tasting them? This is an attempt by me to predict some of the notes I can expect based on the know how I currently... Continue Reading →

The 2017 iLaddie Nerd Award, update

Who are the contenders in this years Annual Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2017, till now? Who is bound to loose? Who will win? Since I haven't learned from some drams and have not tasted them either, or haven't... Continue Reading →

Preparing for #laddiemp6 Octomore Tasting

I was so very lucky to have been able to order the Bruichladdich #laddiemp6 Octomore bottles that will be discussed during the YouTube Life Tasting Event on the 4th of may 2017. In preparation I am making some shots for... Continue Reading →

Laddie Crew Valinch 25 – Becky Codd

The Laddie Crew Valinch 25 - Becky Codd by Bruichladdich distillery is special to me. It is special to me because off the special way I was able to receive one of these bottles. John Eirik contacted me in the beginning... Continue Reading →

The Octomore bottle, who makes it?

I was wondering something. I was wondering where the Bruichladdich Octomore Bottle comes from. I mean someone has to make it ... right? Right, someone does! The bottle is made by the "Saverglass" company. The Saverglass company makes a very... Continue Reading →

Octomore OBA/C_01

Orange is the new Black! Bruichladdich introduced an Octomore Black Art today, the 22nd of Februari 2017. This Octomore has been part of the 2016 Feis Ile Masterclass that was given by Adam Hannett. When Adam announced it a... Continue Reading →

Blending Bruichladdich LaddieMP5

I have been having a bit of a crappy day. So I decided to do something fun! I decided I wanted to have a good Port Charlotte Cask Strength Whisky tonight. These drams are absolutely amazing by themselves. You can... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich LaddieMP YouTube’s

For my own personal used "only" I am posting the links to the Youtube Video's of the Laddie MP2, LaddieMP3, LaddieMP4 and LaddieMP5. In the future I will add notes to it as I re-re-re-watch the Video's. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich PC LaddieMP5

First reaction to the Bruichladdich Port Charlotte LaddieMP5 tasting was "OMG!" ... or as we say in Dutch "Heilige Schijt!". Please don't translate this back to English if you don't want to be offended. Translate to Scottish anytime you like! I... Continue Reading →

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