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The Maturation Experiment, Nerd-style

The experiment is about seeing how ABV influences the speed of maturation. I bought some laboratory equipment for this experiment. 500 ml Erlenmeyer glasses Measuring beaker, Silicone plugs Distilled water, 96% Alcohol, American oak medium toast wood chips. After measuring... Continue Reading →

Dare to all USA craft distillers

I dare all USA craft distillers to mature a Single Malt spirit in refill, yes refill, Charred American Oak barrels, previously containing your own Whisky, Rye or Bourbon (etc). Why the dare? I have always been told that USA whisky... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich Octomore #laddieMP6

What can we learn from the information given about the #laddiemp6 Octomore bottles without nosing and tasting them? This is an attempt by me to predict some of the notes I can expect based on the know how I currently... Continue Reading →

The 2017 iLaddie Nerd Award, update

Who are the contenders in this years Annual Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2017, till now? Who is bound to loose? Who will win? Since I haven't learned from some drams and have not tasted them either, or haven't... Continue Reading →

Ardnahoe Distillery

In the coming years all Islay Whisky fans get the opportunity to actively follow all the steps of creating a new dram. Not just following how the first whisky is bottled, but also how the first whisky is distilled, how... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: B: Grainy, 1. Cereal, Digestive Biscuit

The congener of "Digestive Biscuit" is part of the Grainy, Cereal group of the Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel. Where the "peat" group was mostly linked to phenol based chemicals the grainy group clearly makes reference to the barley or the... Continue Reading →

Corsair Whiskey Haul

I have been thinking about getting some Corsair Distillery Drams for a while now. I have had a good bottle of "Triple Smoke" in the past and it won Bronze in my 2016 whisky nerd awards. I have been looking... Continue Reading →

Ardbeg 10 at -18C / -0.4F

What happens to Ardbeg 10 yo when you put it in the fridge?  Screw the ice cubes! Screw the "not done!". I'm going nerdstyle and finding out!  Why?  To quote Adam Hannett:"Why not!". So I took a sample bottle and... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: A: Peaty, 3. Medicinal, Hospital

The congener of “Hospital” is parts of the “medicinal” sub category as part of the “peaty” head category. For an overview one can look at this page on the “the good scents company” website. This website does not have a... Continue Reading →

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