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How colour develops in Whisky, over time ..

Everyone know colour in whisky comes from the cask! Right? And we are all certain this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well a recent study has expanded on this truth. I am not particularly... Continue Reading →

Brexit effect: UK law on Scotch Whisky in 2020

Well, I wanted to see what the good people of the UK lawmakers are up to after Brexit. In particular what are the UK lawmakers doing to the UK laws that govern the definitions of what makes “Scotch Whisky” Scotch?... Continue Reading →

Brexit effect: Protected status of “Scotch Whisky” is “in Doubt”

I have been writing blogs about the effect of Brexit on the legal status of “Scotch Whisky” around the world, in the UK and in Europe. This week a paper was published which investigates all UK “GI’s” and I must... Continue Reading →

Same WATERFORD Spirit in 4 different Wood Type Casks

I have been wondering for a long time what the effects would be of putting the same spirit in different kinds of wooden Casks. That is why I have been keeping track of "The Funnies" which have been maturing over... Continue Reading →

Oak Species Flavour Profiles

Different Species of Oak give different flavours to a wine, beer or spirit. We all know this. There are some general indications for the origin of the oak. These are "American Oak", "European Oak" and "Japanse Oak". To sort the... Continue Reading →

Definitive Science Shows Terroir influences Whiskey

I have been looking for any scientific articles on the actual effect of terroir on the actual whiskey, and this week I stumbled upon just such an article. This article is called "Assessing the impact of corn variety and Texas... Continue Reading →

The NEAT Glass, a closer look

The NEAT Glass, image (cc) by myself The the NEAT Glass is an engineered glass, according to the website. I will not copy the content of this page ( so you will have to look at it yourself to find... Continue Reading →

Thé Phenols in Peaty Whisky are not Phenol!?

March of 2019 was one interesting month for the Peat lovers in the whisky community. A very interesting study, by Henryk et al, 2019 [5], was published that month. The study is meant to identify a method of discriminating between... Continue Reading →

Westland Garryana 2/1 2017

Yes! The #whiskyfabric is a wonderful thing. A while ago Sean, from the USA, contacted me. If I could help him out with some information where to go in London and Cambridge during his trip. Naturally! So we communicated back... Continue Reading →

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