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Islay Trip

Bruichladdich 1989, 26 YO, Cask 44

Bruichladdich 1989, Cask 44, Oh My Fu$%ng God! Yeah that's a tasting note for "holy crap thats good!"

Islay Whisky Trip 2016

All the blogs for the 2016 Islay Whisky Trip my friend and me went on are writen. This is a basically useless blog entry. It attempts to create some order in the blogs I wrote about the trip. I will... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip, The trip back

The trip back to Glasgow International Airport by ferry and rental car is interesting to say the least. Tips for taking the ferry back from Islay to the mainland: Book ahead! There is only one company running ferries. Calmac, if... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip : day three : Lochside hotel

After the brisk wet cross country hike at the mill we went back to the hotel. Driving along the coast is amazing but the sun was low and shining directly in my face. So I needed to pay attention to... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: Day Three, Woollen Mill

After a good bite to eat and an excellent coffee we needed some culture. We had heard about the Woollen Mill the day before from a Swedish Bloke we met at the bar of the Lochside Hotel. From Bruichladdich to... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: day three, Bruichladdich tour part two

We got to the laddieshop looking for our guide. It couldn't be the lady who guided us through the 11:00 o'clock tour. She was continuing without us. Great tour!! So we would be the two of us during the warehouse... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: day two: Laphroaig Square Foot

We had spotted the spot where Laphroaig cuts its peat. Its on the way from Bowmore to Port Ellen. It just beside the road, but we did not stop there because ones i realised what it was we had past... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: day three: Bruichladdich tour (part 1)

The visit to Bruichladdich would be three fold. First a tour at 11, then a warehouse tasting at 12 and later the purchase of one of the Valinch bottles. Our TicketsWe payed the tickets and the tour began. First up... Continue Reading →

Islay Trip: Day three: RSPB Loch Gruinart

Breakfast Since the agenda shift, due to time zone differences, that had confused us yesterday I triple checked the tour times at Bruichladdich. If you're planning a trip and planning ahead by putting in meetings in your agenda, please check in... Continue Reading →

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