We got to the laddieshop looking for our guide. It couldn’t be the lady who guided us through the 11:00 o’clock tour. She was continuing without us. Great tour!!

So we would be the two of us during the warehouse tasting, but luckily a couple joined in. A Dutch woman and her German friend. So the five of us went up to warehouse 6. As we came in the smell was fantastic for me. It was rather cold inside, but far from freezing. Sweater temperature so to say. I realised I had not brought my sample bottles! So i ran back to the car to get them. I wasn’t going to screw this one up! With four bottles I got back inside. Found a chair and sat down.

As I’m sitting in the train, iPad on my lap, thinking of what to write next, I really need to think hard what I should write next. To fill the gab I am writing this, because I am realising that the only thing I can write about is the stuff we did after the tasting of 3 glorious drams. I need to look at my notes, that are at home, before I can go in to the details of these drams.

So before going into the tasting let me write about the warehouse. The warehouse is 3 stories high with barrels that come from all over. I looked at some of the barrels next to the tasting area and I soon found out the barrels being put down there were not there by accident. Some of the barrels made me smile, some of the barrels made me grin knowingly from ear to ear.

The first dram we got to taste was a 1989 first fill bourbon matured Bruichladdich. It has rotation number 12/174 and cask number 44.

The barcode on the barrel give some interesting information. First fill or fresh bourbon wood is naturally American Oak. Bourbon isn’t a kind of wood đŸ˜‰ but we get the idea.

Since this is a rotation barrel this dram hasn’t spend it whole live in this barrel. On the third of July 2012 it got out into this cask. What the 16/22 bourb

on means is unknown to me. If you know, please give feedback to this blog. The rotation was executed on the 15th November 2012. The cask 44 indication is either the indication of the original cask from before November 2012, or it is the 44th cask within that rotation. If anyone knows?

How is this all interesting? Well it depends on your whisky interests. This tells me something as a nerd. The 48% abv corresponds with what you can expect at this age. It also correlates with the wood used. I mean, normally one time only used for bourbon maturation barrels tend to be made of thinner staves than for instance a sherry butt. There is more evaporation through a thinner wall of oak.

I will add tasting notes to all the drams when I enjoy the samples we brought back with us.

The second barrel contains Port Charlotte. It was a 07/07/2003 distilate. Matured in cask 631, which was a sherry cask. The ABV is 62,94%. What is interresting is that the abv can apperently be measured in two decimals behind the comma (or point). I had never had a sherry  matured Port Charlotte before and it was absoltuly beautifull.

The third one was a 21/12/2005, cask 2570, bourbon/rum matured Octomore at 60,4% ABV and 159 ppm. Like OMG! The 2016 Feis Ile is also a rum cask matured dram. i also own a 2001 rum cask matured micro profenance bottle that is rum matured. If you have never had a rum matured whisky before, find one!!!

After talking about these drams some more we were free to roam the warehouse. We could walk around and check out the casks. The next photos are of some of the casks we spotted.

There is a cask 1366 of the X4. This means there is a cask of the X4 that will be 10yo in 2007! This one was almost screaming to me:”buy me!!”

There was a 2009 octomore here in fresh virgin fresh oak from Radoux. It is a rotation 14/212 from 2014. The cask I shot was cask 20, so 19 more where this one came from. Its now almost 7 years old since it is distilled at 24 november 2009

There was much more beautifull casks. Some without any information. Probably privately owned, or waiting for content.

Thank you my friend for being with me!

One last selfy of us in the warehouse and we would be asked to trott back to the laddy shop.

Time to get myself a Valinch. I added the Feis Ile 2016 to the bill and had is shipped to my home. I was sure as hell not going to risk customs. The boat back to the mainland was sailing, but it would be windy. With possible delays and a rental car to bring back I wasnt going to risk leaving these beauties in the hands of customs.

It was time for a coffee and something to eat. Tip: Go next door to the cutest little shop. Get one of there most excellent coffees! Also sit on the red leather sofa! it is heaven! We ordered a grilled bacon! OMG! perfect!!!