After the brisk wet cross country hike at the mill we went back to the hotel. Driving along the coast is amazing but the sun was low and shining directly in my face. So I needed to pay attention to what I was doing. Even more so than normal. I apologise to the cars driving behind me! I dared not go faster.

After parking at the dock we dropped out stash. It was not yet dinner time so we decided to take a walk through Bowmore. We entered a shop where we seen some whisky and decided to check it out. They had some pretty unique bottles there including the Port Charlotte PS5! Tempted! Yes!

Was the distillery still open? Nope, it closed already so no luck there. Again a closed gate! We should have planned better i guess. So we walked past the high school, up the hill and shot the sunset.

Towards the church and down to the Main Street at the other end of town. This sounds farther than it is. Bowmore is not thát large! We wanted to wave at xxxx owning the Bowmore house, but it was rather high up from the street so no one saw us. Rain clouds had been moving in fast so we scurried in to the Lochside ones again.

We had a table. The starter for me was the mussels! Excellent! Fresh! Wonderfull!!


My main was a Islay Burger! Holy crapp that burger is friggin amazing!!

We noticed lots more people were in the hotel restaurant then the other evenings. We got checked out by some ladies during dinner. Yes we noticed! Personnel was setting up for the band that would come in to play later that night. (The owner said that they were late, because they took a wrong turn on the one road). We took a wee moment to relax before the night would begin.


Like the night before lots of good conversations went on, at the bar, during the beginning of the night. The Swedish group was also there. Mia, the tour guide / mother, was there too. We had a quick chat. Told her the guy at the mill had said hi back. (Mia had ordered me to say hi last night! Check out this blog for more on her)

Apparently Saturday night is the club night for the locals. Figures, that’s the same in Holland. Lots of family’s came in. Moms, dads, grandmothers etc. Eng… I mean Scottish pubs are considered the extension of a living room for most Scottish. Discussion the week etc.

As it turned out the tourists, we tall Dutch men, became the tourist attraction! Many women walked into the bar and were almost shocked at the tallness of me (6’3″) but then were flabbergasted by my friend at 7′! Many selfies and photos were taken with us.

Yes, we are that Tall!

What we can give as a tip is this. Married couples also go out together. But no one can tells you who is the hubby of which lady! You are supposed to know this! So with the attention we got from the ladies, we also got the attention of the boyfriends and husbands! No worries guys! We know the drill.

The band had found the one road to Bowmore again and after setting up the typical Scottish music started filling the hotel. What an absolute delight!! This is when the married people started “line dancing”. I’m sorry for the possibility of an insult, but I lack the better words! Excellent fun!!

Many, we thought, sisters or girlfriends turned out to be mothers or even grandmothers to the ladies we were talking to. Some men were fathers we think, or husbands. We did not know who was family to who. The locals do know 😉

Tip: the proportion of alcohol in the husbands and wife increases over time during the night. This is all in good fun, but the social unwritten rules of interaction can be a thing to take into account.  We forward, clueless, Dutchmen talk to anybody who wished to talk to us. Including tipsy wife’s. Intoxicated hubbies are not to keen on this. You either deal with this or remove yourself from these unclear dynamics. We did the later.

This last section of this blog sounds more lethal than it was. The guys are great! The ladies are too. And if someone did have the idea of taking a drink outside the lady of the hotel made short work of that!

A night to remember!