After a good bite to eat and an excellent coffee we needed some culture. We had heard about the Woollen Mill the day before from a Swedish Bloke we met at the bar of the Lochside Hotel.

From Bruichladdich to the Woollen Mill is not that far, you drive to Bridgend and take a left. Then is it somewhere 2 km up the road to the right. If your thinking:”Do we have to go down thát path?!” than you are there. Park your car and get to talk to the man that works the mills.

We told the owner that Mia had said hello. He smiled and said to say hello back. We would. I bought a cap. Ok, with my grey hair and this cap on I turn like 20 years older instantly, but this stuff is amazing quality.

Having said goodbye to the man from the Mill we took a walk around the forrest. I have to say this part of Islay looks so very much different again! It is amazing how much different landscapes there are!

The nature in this part of Islay is simply amazing. So much difference in undergrowth to be found. Ferns, flowers! My friend knows this stuff by heart and he was having a blast! Excellent stuff! Do take your time when on Islay to take a walk around some of the nature!!

We got lost. Go figure! So we had to be creative! Cut across fields and don’t know where we may end up? Not to smart!

We were getting sorta wet. Time to head back to the Mill and Car.