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Whisky Related Studies: May 2019

April 2019 was an altogether quiet month for the publication of Whisky related studies. Luckily May 2019 was less boring, but only slightly so alas. Whisky Authentication This month yet another Whisky Authentication study was published. This time the method... Continue Reading →


This study explains why “Scotch” is less sweet than “Bourbon”

I keep track of whisky related studies being published in journals and magazines and a publication in Nature Scientific Reports looked interesting. The study investigates how different kinds of wood sugars degrade over time and how they are supposedly transferred... Continue Reading →

EN ISO 5492:2008 Sensory Analysis – Vocabulary

In multiple blogpost about how to make proper tasting notes I mentioned the use of a harmonised vocabulary to ensure everybody understands one another. For this purpose the ISO standardisation organisation has drawn up a standard that lists exactly that.... Continue Reading →

The Whisky Science Nerd YouTube Channel

I have had a YouTube Channel for some time now and I never really figured out what to do with it. I did some thinking and I decided to make my channel about the Science I need to know to understand Whisky.

Glenfarclas “passion”

I visit a liquor shop in my hometown of Lelystad sometimes. This liquor shop has an upper floor where the non-standard collection is kept. So naturally I visit there and brows. Some time ago I noticed a whole range of... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: D: Fruity, 1. Solventy, Paint Thinner

Paint Thinner is on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel as a congener in the fruity, solventy section. It is one smell that I do not particularly enjoy on my whisky, but some people seem to love the smell all... Continue Reading →

The Essential Introduction to Whisk(e)y, by @DramGazette

When people are gaining more and more knowledge there comes a time when they feel a need to share that knowledge with others. This is what happened to Wim from @DramGazette. What he learned he put into words and then... Continue Reading →

Thé Phenols in Peaty Whisky are not Phenol!?

March of 2019 was one interesting month for the Peat lovers in the whisky community. A very interesting study, by Henryk et al, 2019 [5], was published that month. The study is meant to identify a method of discriminating between... Continue Reading →

Who is my audience? You?

Who is / are my audience? That is a very good question, which I can not answer at this point in time, since I have not done any statistical analysis, or any other kind of analysis, at all. My disclaimer... Continue Reading →

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