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La Trappe, Trappist, Oak Aged in an ex Bruichladdich Port Charlotte cask

OMG! I had to post this without ever tasting it! Will I add to this page later? Yes, for sure! I want to know if I can taste the 71%ABV Port Charlotte whisky barrel on this 11% ABV Trappist Beer!... Continue Reading →


Caramel in Whisk(e)y? What is Caramel colouring anyway?!

What is the Caramel colouring in Whisky? Why is there caramel colouring in Whisky? anyways? You always hear about the E150a in Scotch. Is E150a a Caramel colouring? What is the Caramel Colouring in Whisky? The answer to this questions... Continue Reading →

Maturation Experiment, 27th December update

I have been running a small Whisky Maturation related Experiment and I wish to share an update with myself. I am writing this blog for myself as a diary, but if other people enjoy it too, all the better. Anyways,... Continue Reading →

The Whisky Nerd Awards 2018, methodology

Just like in 2016 and 2017 I will be awarding awards for the most Nerdy Whisky of 2018. Who will win these prestigious awards in 2018? When awarding awards it is useful to know how the selection was made and based... Continue Reading →

American Single Malt Tasting Wheel

I have been writing about the Congeners on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel for some time now. And I am fully aware that there are lots of Tasting Wheels and Flavour Maps to be found online and in books. Some... Continue Reading →

Laphroaig Lore, tasted at Gall&Gall Voorhof

I was at one of my local liquor stores today, the Gall&Gall Voorhof, Lelystad , and I was browsing the top floor, where they keep the good stuff. I was looking for a bottle of Compass Box “No Name”, but that bottle... Continue Reading →

Whisky Girl, Whisky through the eyes of a woman…

The Whisky Fabric is a wonderful thing! I have come into contact with wonderful people and one of those people is Femke, The Whisky Girl. She is a "Freelance Whisky Writer A Woman with a Passion for Whisky" ~ Femke,... Continue Reading →


The winners of the iLADDIE Whisky Nerd Awards are known! All the numbers have been added up! As per the rules set out in the beginning of 2017 points could be given for four criteria. How much did I learn... Continue Reading →

What I learned from the Highland Park New Make

What have I learned from all the Highland Park Whisky that I was able to taste this year? I set out this year to compare a new make spirit with other spirits made by the same distillery. So I looked... Continue Reading →

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