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Whisky glassware, compared, part II

A while ago I posted another blogpost where I compared three glasses to one another. Even though that blogpost was utterly brilliant, I thought I could do better. So much better in fact that I added "part II" to the... Continue Reading →


Barley Terroir Investigations

This year 2019, but I suspect at least for the three years to come, I will be tracking BTI (Barley Terroir Investigations) developments. I wanted to make a "CSI" reference there, and this was the best I could think of.... Continue Reading →

How to write a blog like a Scientific article

This blog is just for me as the disclaimer already mentions. This blog in particular is a work in progress kind of blog. I plan to add information on how to make a WordPress template for a scientific article like... Continue Reading →

Whisky Tastes Sweetest after 12 to 14 seconds?

I was looking for something else, but while looking for something else I found an interesting piece of scientific information. This information seems to show that whisky has a different intensity for sweetness from second to second. Is whisky sweetest... Continue Reading →

Whisky Related Studies: December 2019 – February 2019

It has been rather slow for anything interesting in the Whisky Related Scientific Studies. For the month of December till February 2019 only two studies were able to catch my attention. In the months November of 2018 till February 2019... Continue Reading →

Panasonic TX-P50GT60E, Plasma TV

I am not only a nerd when it comes to Whisky. I also am a nerd when it comes to buying TV's. I don't buy the largest TV for the least amount of money. I go for colour accuracy. The... Continue Reading →

Whisky Glassware Patents List

How are the shapes of Whisky Glassware protected agains copying by others? Well, just like with all products, the inventors can apply for a patent that protects them from others illegally using their designs. That had me thinking. What would... Continue Reading →

LAPHROAIG 30, “The Ian Hunter Story”

The TTB in the USA has finally begun working again! Yes! One of the drams I noticed first was a Laphroaig 30 YO! "The Ian Hunter Story" Laphroaig 30, The Ian Hunter Story, Image as found on https://www.ttbonline.govLaphroaig 30, The... Continue Reading →

Focusing my Terroir Research

This year I have decided to focus all my nerdy efforts into finding out what terroir does to a whisky, if anything. What I ran into immediately is a few problems with continuity assumptions in the whisky making process. The... Continue Reading →

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