How are the shapes of Whisky Glassware protected agains copying by others? Well, just like with all products, the inventors can apply for a patent that protects them from others illegally using their designs. That had me thinking. What would the patents for The GlenCairn glass look like? Or the Túath Irish Whiskey Glass? Or the NEAT Spirit Glass?

So I did some searching for patents and below I listed the commercial names of the Whisky Glassware, if I could find them, a link to the patent and the names of the inventors and companies.

  1. GlenCairn Glass: USD459156S1, Raymond Davidson, GLENCAIRN IP HOLDINGS Ltd
  2. Túath Irish Whiskey Glass: USD829055S1, Chris Wearden, Irish Whiskey Glass Ltd
  3. NEAT Glass: USD663165S1, George Frederich Manska, Christine Renea Crnek
  4. The NEAT Glass, abandoned, US20130273224A1, George Manska, Christine Crnek
  5. Celtic Malts Spirits Glass: USD543786S1, Riannon Walsh
  6. USD828096S1, Jerome R. Moore, Allen J. Hutton, Libbey Glass Inc
  7. US20050139570A1, Michael Lambert, Lori Bartman, SNAPDRAGON LLC Snapdragon
  8. USD746108S1, Vincenzo DI GIUSEPPANTONIO, Bormioli Luigi SpA
  9. USD821143S1, Gabriele Cossu, Bormioli Rocco Srl
  10. USD575108S1, Claudio Barducci, Italesse Srl

I have been lucky enough to own some of the glasses that are listed. I bought my GlenCairn from the Bruichladdich Online Shop. I bought my Túath Glass at the DRAMTIME shop in Musselkanaal. The NEAT glass is a gift from Real Men Drink Whisky in the Netherlands.

Why do I look this patent stuff up? Because I wanted to see if there was any information in the patents that would allow me to understand the Whisky glassware better. Especially the abandoned NEAT Glass Patent holds an amazing amount of very interesting glassware scientific information. Feel free to click all the patent links. Please leave a comment if you have any other glasses that should be on this list!