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Highland Park

Highland Park: “The Light”

The fun part about being a Whisky Nerd Blogger Person is that sometimes you end up on a mailing list for whisky related information. Being on such a mailing list has some fun consequences. One of those fun consequences is... Continue Reading →


Highland Park: “New Make”, What I learned

What have I learned from all the Highland Park Whisky that I was able to taste this year? I set out this year to compare a new make spirit with other spirits made by the same distillery. So I looked... Continue Reading →

The 2017 iLaddie Nerd Award, update

Who are the contenders in this years Annual Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2017, till now? Who is bound to loose? Who will win? Since I haven't learned from some drams and have not tasted them either, or haven't... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “New Make, 12 and Fire Edition”

Tonight I had took the time to taste three drams by Highland Park. Thanks to Steve Prentice of┬áthe Highland Park new make is now here. I have also been send a generous gift of Highland Park Fire Edition. The... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “12 yo”

Ever since I have been a wee Laddie I have been wanting to try a Highland Park dram. I had put it off till now since I was going to compare the drams to the New Make spirit made by... Continue Reading →

iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2016

The list of nominees has been made. The criteria have been agreed on! The scores have been added to the spreadsheet! This means the results for the 2016, Annual, Global, International (yeah yeah yeah, get on with it) Whisky Nerd... Continue Reading →

Sherry cask influence…. update

I had set out to proof or disprove a theory that I had postulated. I wanted to show that the notes that are supposedly from the ex content of a cask were actually coming from the wood, not so much... Continue Reading →

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