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Statistical analysis of Kilchoman whisky

The title of this blog sounds pretty nerdy and it is intended that way. I wanted to brush up on my statistical mathematics for work and I decided to use whisky as a source for raw data. What did I... Continue Reading →

The Whisky Nerd Awards 2018, methodology

Just like in 2016¬†and 2017 I will be awarding awards for the most Nerdy Whisky of 2018. Who will win these prestigious awards in 2018? When awarding awards it is useful to know how the selection was made and based... Continue Reading →


The winners of the iLADDIE Whisky Nerd Awards are known! All the numbers have been added up! As per the rules set out in the beginning of 2017 points could be given for four criteria. How much did I learn... Continue Reading →

What whisky I would get myself for Christmas

What whisky would I get myself for Christmas? What whisky would you give to a friend? I would get myself a tasting pack! Why? Because I can enjoy multiple whiskies during the Christmas days. Either from the same distillery or... Continue Reading →

Adding Ethanol alcohol to Whisky

What happens to a dram if you do not add water, but ethanol alcohol? I wanted to find out and I used Compass Box Spice Tree for this little experiment. Compass Box Spice Tree is a beautiful whisky all by... Continue Reading →

Bacon and eggs finish, pickled, salty

I am on vacation and this allows for some deviation of the rule of no drams during weekdays. So tonight I had a Bruichladdich feis ile dram which I got last year October when I was at the distillery. I... Continue Reading →

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