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The Whisky Nerd Awards 2018, methodology

Just like in 2016 and 2017 I will be awarding awards for the most Nerdy Whisky of 2018. Who will win these prestigious awards in 2018? When awarding awards it is useful to know how the selection was made and based... Continue Reading →


The winners of the iLADDIE Whisky Nerd Awards are known! All the numbers have been added up! As per the rules set out in the beginning of 2017 points could be given for four criteria. How much did I learn... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s staring you in the face

Sometimes the very very very obvious is staring us in the face, but we just don’t seem to see it. If you ask a wine expert what is giving wine it’s colour the answer you will get is “The tannins... Continue Reading →

The 2017 iLaddie Nerd Award, update

Who are the contenders in this years Annual Global International iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2017, till now? Who is bound to loose? Who will win? Since I haven't learned from some drams and have not tasted them either, or haven't... Continue Reading →

Highland Park: “Fire Edition”, Unboxing

This is a blog entry that shows how to unbox a box. The box is given to me by the kind people of Typhoon Hospitality, who represent Highland Park in the Netherlands. Thank you Renee and Lisa! I will post... Continue Reading →

iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2016

The list of nominees has been made. The criteria have been agreed on! The scores have been added to the spreadsheet! This means the results for the 2016, Annual, Global, International (yeah yeah yeah, get on with it) Whisky Nerd... Continue Reading →

The iLaddie Awards, artwork for medals

Every Self-respecting Award should have a medal. So I made some in Photoshop Elements. Very rudimentary medals, nothing to fancy! The award pictures are in GIF and JPEG format. Depending on which look better I will use those.

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