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Highland Park, New Make, 12 and Fire

Tonight I had took the time to taste three drams by Highland Park. Thanks to Steve Prentice of┬áthe Highland Park new make is now here. I have also been send a generous gift of Highland Park Fire Edition. The... Continue Reading →

Highland Park 12 yo

Ever since I have been a wee Laddie I have been wanting to try a Highland Park dram. I had put it off till now since I was going to compare the drams to the New Make spirit made by... Continue Reading →

Unboxing Highland Park Fire Edition

This is a blog entry that shows how to unbox a box. The box is given to me by the kind people of Typhoon Hospitality, who represent Highland Park in the Netherlands. Thank you Renee and Lisa! I will post... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW : Whisky Congeners

I want to learn where all the Congeners in the Revised Scotch Whisky Flavour Wheel come from! How were the congeners made? What is meant by them? Where do they come from? This blog will be a updated to include... Continue Reading →

Whisky Nerd ToDo’s for 2017

I feel the need to have some sort of goal in 2017 for the Nerd Section of the iLaddie Blog. So as I am writing this I will formulate some To Do's for 2017. The goals I had set for... Continue Reading →

Black Bowmore “The last cask” 50 yo?

As always I sometimes check new releases on the TTB online label register. Today I found a whopper of a dram on this site: A Black Bowmore "The last Cask" of 50 yo, matured in a Sherry Hoghead cask, distilled... Continue Reading →

PX Sherry does not have to suck

This blog is about a realisation that is so in your face obvious that I had forgotten the obviousness of the realisation. A few months ago I blogged about how Pedre Ximenez Sherry was absolutely vile. It was so vile... Continue Reading →

Sherry cask influence…. update

I had set out to proof or disprove a theory that I had postulated. I wanted to show that the notes that are supposedly from the ex content of a cask were actually coming from the wood, not so much... Continue Reading →

Bruichladdich LaddieMP4

As you may know I selected my blogger name to honor┬áthe Bruichladdich Distillery.I missed out on the LaddieMP1 and Laddie MP2, but last year I was lucky enough to get my hands on a LaddieMP3 set.This year I have been... Continue Reading →

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