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Terroir: How Sensory Destructive is Distillation?

"Generally, sensory compounds present in the colorless, unaged whiskies are also present in their barrel aged counterparts. Those sensory compounds are a product of mashing and fermentation and have the stability to withstand the distillation process. Compounds appearing in the barrel aged whiskies, which were not present in the unaged counterparts, are the product of barrel aging. Also, the total number of sensory compounds present in barrel aged whiskies generally increases with residence time spent in barrels."

Kew, et al. about “Whisky Terroir”

I have been reading much of the papers that have been published by Will Kew et al. which deal with Whisky. You will find multiple blogs on my website from this scientist. This Scientist has been investigating the component parts... Continue Reading →

Terroir Research Update December 2019

Just some links to Terroir related Research. PS: I keep track of all research published anywhere. I will not mention all the research with a terroir link since that would result in over 2840 papers for 2019 alone. If you... Continue Reading →

Definitive Science Shows Terroir influences Whiskey

I have been looking for any scientific articles on the actual effect of terroir on the actual whiskey, and this week I stumbled upon just such an article. This article is called "Assessing the impact of corn variety and Texas... Continue Reading →

Islay Peat is not Orkney Peat

I had been looking for any research digging into the peat compositions. I had found a study but could not download it, so I asked the author if I could have a copy. I could. So I had my MacBook... Continue Reading →

What can Wine Grape Terroir teach Barley Terroir?

I was reading an article by Cornelis van Leeuwen and Gerard Sequin called "The Concept of Terroir in Viticulture" [1] in order to understand better what the wine making folks mean with the concept of "terroir". Mind you, I am... Continue Reading →

This study explains why “Scotch” is less sweet than “Bourbon”

I keep track of whisky related studies being published in journals and magazines and a publication in Nature Scientific Reports looked interesting. The study investigates how different kinds of wood sugars degrade over time and how they are supposedly transferred... Continue Reading →

Terroir Research: Environmental impact on protein profiles

When looking for the influence of terroir I already found out that the word "Terroir" is almost never used. I did some digging on the Journal of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling and found a 2018 study. The synonym... Continue Reading →

Barley Terroir Investigations

This year 2019, but I suspect at least for the three years to come, I will be tracking BTI (Barley Terroir Investigations) developments. I wanted to make a "CSI" reference there, and this was the best I could think of.... Continue Reading →

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