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Same WATERFORD Spirit in 4 different Wood Type Casks

I have been wondering for a long time what the effects would be of putting the same spirit in different kinds of wooden Casks. That is why I have been keeping track of "The Funnies" which have been maturing over... Continue Reading →

The Most Cost Effective Nosing Glass

I was wondering what my most cost effective whisky nosing glass was. So based on some measurements I did some simple math and I figured out which glass is the most Cost Effective. Some measurement I took in for an... Continue Reading →

Whisky glassware, compared, part II

A while ago I posted another blogpost where I compared three glasses to one another. Even though that blogpost was utterly brilliant, I thought I could do better. So much better in fact that I added "part II" to the... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 2. Dried, Straw

The Revised Scottich Whisky Flavour Wheel holds some congeners that I find a tad difficult to put into a blog. I cannot imagine Straw as a flavour note, but as an odour it is sorta known to me. I have... Continue Reading →

Origins of the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel

I have been writing down all kinds of stuff about the congeners that are on the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel. But how did the Wheel come into existence? Who are we to thank for this wheel? The good thing about... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 1. Fresh, Green Apple

The Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel has two, or rather three if you could pineapple, kinds of apple on it. "Green Apple" and "Apple". The later one is in the "Fruity, Orchard" section of the flavour wheel. Acetaldehyde is one... Continue Reading →

Water does not “open up” a Whisky!?

A 2018 study by Ickes et. al. published in the Journal "Food Science & Nutrition" investigated if the adding of water to a distillate changes the flavour profile of said distillate. And guess what, it does not! The study was... Continue Reading →

How to (not) have a proper Whisky / Wine tasting!

In this blog I explain to myself how I should organise a proper whisky / wine tasting! What are the "do's" and what are the "don'ts"? What environment should I be in? How can I prevent bias during a whisky... Continue Reading →

#RSWFW: C: Grassy, 1. Fresh, Green Banana

In the Revised Scottish Whisky Flavour Wheel the congener of "banana" is mentioned twice. Ones in the "Grassy, Fresh" section and ones in the "Fruity, Tropical" section. I decided to combine the two congeners into two blog entries with the... Continue Reading →

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