The TTB in the USA has finally begun working again! Yes! One of the drams I noticed first was a Laphroaig 30 YO! “The Ian Hunter Story”

The label shows that this 30 YO dram was created in commemoration of Ian Hunter. The rest of the text is on the label which I have read. If the label is correct it will probably not be 48% ABv or 84 Proof as stated on the label.

This is clearly incorrect since 48% ABv is 96 Proof. The people of Laphroaig clearly want to keep this to themselves. There is a fun calculator for this on

Anyways, the whisky is said to be non-chill filtered. First Fill Ex-Bourbon. No information is given about addition caramel E150a. This probably means there is some in it.

The text in the green banner on the label mentions “Book 1: Unique Character” which seems to suggest there are more “Books” to follow.