What are Whiskytube Challenge Coins/Chips? To answer that you need to know what whiskytube means and what a Challenge Coin/Chip is. Whiskytube is the hashtag (#) that is given to Youtube Whisky Reviewers.

A Challenge Coin/Chip is something from the USA which I don’t understand, but apparently only people that are “part of the club” / “part of the regiment” / “part of the police-force department x” are issued one. If you then tell you were part of the 69th airborne whatever devision and you cannot precent the coin, you are obviously not part of the club. The “Challenge” is to present the coin to back up your statement when “challenged” to do so.

Update May 20th 2019:

I got some feedback to this blogpost and it turn’s out my explanation above could be done better. So I added the explanation I was send via twitter below.

“They are steeped in history from WWI and a British Airman. Also those are made of plastic, so they are more of a poker chip than a “coin”. In WWI a wealthy Lt had bronze medallions made for his unit. One of the pilots was shot down over France by Germans. He was captured, stripped of his ID, but kept the medallion in a leather pouch. He escaped, but was captured by the French, thinking he was a German spy. He only had the medallion, and showed it to his captors, and one of them recognised the flying unit’s logo. Instead of executing him, he was returned to his unit. The Lt ordered all pilots to carry the medallion from then on. They then took off after WWII/Korea. Military coins are sequentially numbered. The challenge is basically a drinking game. Pull out your coin, and he who does not have coin buys a round. If challenging multiples then highest numbered (newest/rookie) buys the round. If they produce a coin they won and you buy.  A coin is traditionally metal, between 1.5-2″ diameter.”

~ Vader, 2019

Anyway, some Youtube Whisky Channels have started shipping these kinds of coins/chips to their viewers. Not for free, but you can buy them for a small amount of money. This helps out the people of the channels with some revenue so they can reinvest into the channel. Or buy a dram.

The one below is by Trenny and C. I asked for coin 69 for obvious reasons and was lucky to get it.


Other Challenge Coins I bought are from Aqvavitae and from the Scotch Test Dummies.


Roy from Aqvavitae has this to say about the purpose of these coins.

I would also add that they’re a physical token of community, that you’re a part of something you enjoy and support, and have invested in the concept and culture.
They also make good “fidgets” and conversation starters, helping the channels with exposure too.

~ Roy, Aqvavitae, Twitter 2018

The fun part is the coins are really handy as watch glass on your glasses. And you can show of where you have been during trips like the photo’s above. I am at the Brandenburger Gate in Berlin here.


There are other WhiskyTube Channels working on Coins and I would love to add them to this blog so people know about this stuff! Fun! I look forward to more coins like this!

The Scotch for Dummies kindly send three photo’s of their coins for me to post here. They currently offer 4 different kind of coins on their website. See link below.


The Whiskey Dictionary has these coins available.

Available coins (updated April 2020)

Some links put you directly on the coins shops, some you need to click on:

This list is probably not complete, so if you find a new coin, let me know!

The No Nonsense Whisky Challenge Coin. Image as found on https://nononsensewhisky.com/
Coins from MODERNTHIRST, image as found on Instagram
It’s Bourbon Night, image as found on Instagram