The Netherlands has a number of distilleries that make whisky. Zuidam, in the south of the Netherlands, is one of them. There usually is an excellent supply at my local liquor store, but today I walked in and bumped into this display holding loads of bottles of the Peated PX version.


I was asked if I wanted a taste and naturally I said yes.

Nose had a lovely fruity, orange next to some peat. Hints of the PX yes. On the palette a lovely dram and light sirupy influence. You could say the sirupy mouthfeel would come from the PX sherry influence, but who can really tell. Pleasant dram!

The pricing of this dram at this store is €49,99 which is at the higher end of the spectrum compared to €47,50 at Drankdozijn or €39,95 at Dramtime. But, when considering shipping costs are usually needed to get a bottle send to you the pricing is not too bad.

If you are not living in the Netherlands, then you are basically (f$%&@d) unlucky and you should order at Dramtime because they ship globally.

To bad my budget is all gone for May, so I will have to wait for my birthday I guess and see what happens! Or my next pay-check 😉