I am on vacation and this allows for some deviation of the rule of no drams during weekdays.

So tonight I had a Bruichladdich feis ile dram which I got last year October when I was at the distillery.

I like this dram a lot and I must say it is a shame that it may be gone in the next year. Do I need to re-bottle it now that it is past 50% in the bottle? Is it half full, half empty? What may or may not happen with the extra oxygen in the bottle? Don’t forget the nitrogen or the argon! Oh, wait those are inert!

Anyways I had another dram.

A corsair dram. Their oat dram. It is good! Rather enjoyable nose. Does in fact remind me of the oatmeal I had when I was a kid. On the palette there is a sweetness. But also something spicy. Something vegetative. Sound tad off right? Floral honey? Something stale but in a good way! Yes cream white floral honey. Leather? That’s unexpected! Cherry? Yes cherry! Did not see that one coming! Cherry liquorice. Actually had a cherry liquorice sweet at my mother in law today. Side note. Dill? That’s the vegetable I mentioned. Guess a container sniffling dill that is in my kitchen is good for something anyways! Chocolate on the taste, white chocolate. Tad drying. Anyways, just typing this all up as I am trying it. Long Finnish! Baked eggs with bacon and pickle Finnish. Tad salty. Ok thát is the weirdest finish like ever! Lol 😂