Sometimes the very very very obvious is staring us in the face, but we just don’t seem to see it.

If you ask a wine expert what is giving wine it’s colour the answer you will get is “The tannins in the skin of the red grape”.

If you ask a wine expert what the cause of the “dry” mouth feel is the answer you will get is “The tannins bond to the proteins in your mouths saliva”.

If you type “Tannins in wine” in the search of YouTube you will get endless information on this subject.

If you type “Tannins in Whisky” in the search of YouTube you will get maybe one video.

Vannilic Acid is a Tannin. It is also a “Simple Phenol”, an “Aromatic compound”. Tannic Acid or Gallic Acid are a “Tannin” and also a “Polyphenol”. That is because a “Tannin”  is a class of “polyphenolic compounds”. Just for the hell of it, type in “Science of Tannins”, “Remove Tannins from your fish tank”, “Use tea to paint wood”, “Tan Leather” in Google and see how Tannins explain the colour of stuff.

Still the Whisky world does not seem to “know the mechanism behind the colouration of whisky” …… I am quoting a Science book on whisky.

I have been clicking online, reading chemistry pages, watching YouTube and more and more I get the feeling that the Whisky World is limiting itself to “inhouse’ knowhow, without looking over the hedge, without getting of the island so to speak.

The breakdown of Lignin into Tannins in a Water-Ethanol environment is understood perfectly well in the wine industries, but somehow this same information is not used or not understood in the Whisky World?

I seriously have problems with this statement I just made and I refuse believe that all this research and data is not used in the Whisky World, just because the research wasn’t published in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing.

Why this blog?

I wanted to document how flabbergasted I am at how the Whisky World either chooses to ignore whole fields of Science and Chemisty that is literally staring them in the face each time you drink a red wine or ….. fill in the blank for yourselfs.