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iLaddie Whisky Nerd

I was so proud!  I had been to my holy grail! I had walked in the halls of the White House! Visited the Palace stables where price stallions are nurtured! I had spoken to the Gods!

Ok ok, I had a tour at the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay! I have actually been in the other White House, the one in DC.

whitehouse Me at the White House, 2001

Anyways, I had been sorta intelligent by bringing sample bottles with me. One I filled with peated barley which I had taken from the keeps. Ehmm, the Laddie shop counter …

img_9745 My Peated Barley

I made sure I was going to smell the “Peat” for ever and ever! Relive the experience! I was so sure of it I offered to send some of the Devine grains to Bart. Boom!!! Bart always says “Boom!”. Bart is one of the Scotch Test Dummies. The…

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