Retro-what? What is retronasal smell? Is it the opposite of orthonasal smell?

Good questions!

I am currently reading a more than interesting book written by Gordon M. Shepherd.

The book is called "neuroenology ~ how the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine".

I'm at chapter 5 now and up until now I learned many things that made me recognise what the more professional tasters do with their mouth, tongue and respiratory system to get a smell for it all.

One thing I also learned is that the way you inhale during nosing and tasting influences the way the volatiles get a chance to interact with your palate and smell receptors.

Long inhales, short shallow intakes or normal inhalation all result in less or more time for volatiles to interact.

I also learned that small intakes of liquid allow your tongue to keep the liquid in position and let you literally breath in the smell from within your mouth. The smells make it to your smell receptors in the nasal cavity via your lungs or via the back of your mouth up. Never knew that consciously! Now I read it it make perfect sense.

When I tried inhaling in this way, with small amount of whisky, my lungs were sorta exploding. Lack of experience I am sure! Will try more later.

Next I learned that Some of that slurping you see people do actually has function, for tasting wine! I add the "for tasting wine" because the technique might not necessarily transfer to whisky. I don't know yet. Will find out! Fun
Stuff! Chewing works too! So
Much to learn!

I am going to read the whole book before I add more below this line, but this book is ticking some boxes on my nerdy needs Tac list.

Some book information below! Order it for yourselves and learn!