There are two ISO standard tasting glasses documented in international standards.

The first is best know as the standard “wine” tasting glass.

The second is know as the standard “olive oil” tasting glass.

Since the Netherlands is not know, at all, for growing olives there is no large marked for selling olive oil tasting glasses in the Netherlands. I had been looking online for some time and the only place I could find that readily sells these kinds of glasses was a site in New York as a gift for some international olive oil convention….

Almost giving up I noticed that searching in English did not really give any useable hits. So I translate olive oil to Italian and eh presto! (<< not sure if thats a word in any language) Hits!

I found an Italian Glass maker that handgrafts the olive oil tasting glass. You can order these at 

FARA website

After placing my order, using paypal, the order was confirmed and some days later the box contaning two glasses and a lid arrived.

Why did I buy this glass?

The shape of the glass is wide where the liquid is. The glass is tapering in to the top side of the glass and a nice lid covers the glass while the liquid evaporates.

This glass is meant to be heated by either you hands of a warming device. This increases the potential engergy of the liquid molecules. This increase in “Heat” allows more of the volatile liquids to escape (Work) into a gassious form. I have yet to compare this glass to the other standard wine tasting glass, but first impressions are good as I nosed a Bruichladdich Feis Ile 2016 dram!

The Feis Ile Bruichladdich 2016 dram in a “olive oil tasting glass”

In a later blog I will take the same amount of whisky and try to see if both glasses result in the same, or a different, nose.