What does Ben and Jerry’s ice cream have to do with whisky? I thought it had nothing to do with whisky. I was wrong.

Ben and Jerry’s “cookie dough” is has vanilla ice cream in it. It has chocolate in it. And it has a cookie in it. Now we all know that vanilla is one of the notes that you will get in a whisky for like 95% of the times. And there are lots of whiskys that have a note of chocolate on the palette.

Why am I writing this down? I am writing this down because I have been watching videos of the Scotch Test Dummies and I noticed that Americans seem to get the note “cookie dough” mush more often than Scottish reviewers.

I personally had no connection to a “cookie dough” note ever, until I tried Maker’s Mark bourbon this weekend. I was having a nice dram of it and somehow my brain took me back to that mouth taste you get when you get a rather big chunk of cookie in the B&J ice cream. My brain made the connection and voila! My first “cookie dough” tasting note was made.

Now that my brain connected the flavour to a note I will probably get it more often.