So how is the experiment doing? What questions did I formulate? What do the erlenmeyer’s look like today? 

The erlenmeyer’s look like this today. The speed of the deepening of colour seems to slow down compared to the last 3 days. 

What questions can I formulate?

  1. The bubble that I saw at the 80 ABV mixture, what were they?
  2. Why didn’t I see the bubble at the 20 ABV mixture? 
  3. Are the bubbles the result of a chemical reaction between water and alcohol? 
  4. Are the bubble maybe desolved air that is being pushed out of the grid while the alcohol and water form hydrogen-bonds?
  5. Which chemical compounds are making the copper colour?
  6. Why is the 20% not turning copper colour? Or is it just very very slow in doing so? 
  7. I wonder what this stuff smells like ….

So the experiment is going well, in that respect that next time I will add a thermometer to the mixture and see how the temperature changes when I mix the water and alcohol.

Now that I know the bubble come from somewhere I will record the mixing with video next time round. 

I’m actually running 4 experiments in numbered erlenmeyer’s 

  1. Tabwater and oak (way to much)
  2. 100 ml Alcohol / 400 ml distilled water / 3 grams of oak
  3. 400 ml Alcohol / 100 ml distilled water / 3 grams of oak
  4. 450 ml distilled water / 3 grams  of oak 

The erlenmeyer’s are doing well. Nothing has evaporated out of the mixture and also no oxygen in going in. So nothing can oxidise from influx of Air.