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The Transparency Debate started by Compass Box and followed by Bruichladdich has given Malt Drinkers like myself an opportunity to get insight into the barrels and quantities used for making the Classic Laddie Single Malt Blends.

As listed in my previous Blog the kind people of Bruichladdich have provided an option to check out the content of a specific bottling.

The Laddie Recipe information you get is is quite insightful! I have taken some time to enter the component parts of 3 bottlings into a Wee Spreadsheet.

I compared the 14/009, 14/345 and 15/244 components. See the image below. Click to enlarge the image.

What I learned is that in all bottlings the age statement would have been 7 Years, but the components are 7 upto 11 Years old. The 14/345 seems to be less complex then the other two, with less content comming from European Oak with different kinds…

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