The Laddie Crew Valinch 25 – Becky Codd by Bruichladdich distillery is special to me. It is special to me because off the special way I was able to receive one of these bottles.

Bruichladdich Becky Codd Valinch
Bruichladdich Becky Codd Valinch

John Eirik contacted me in the beginning of March 2017. If I would be interested in something from Islay? John Eirik would be on Islay the last weekend of March. He went and judging from his instagram feed he had a great time!

The offer from John Eirik came as a surprise to me. I have found that in the world of whisky there are many people that are kind, selfless and perfectly willing to make some effort in order to help others out. This is what I love about the mindset of the whisky fabric.

I had thought about what I would be able to ask John Eirik. I thought about an Ardbeg. I thought about a bunnahabhain distillery only bottling. Then I was reminded of the face of a woman I had met in the Bar of the Lochside hotel in Bowmore.


The lady we had met was Becky Codd from the Bruichladdich distillery. In the photo you see my friend and Becky posing. At the time we did not know the lady we had met was actually Becky.

When the Becky Codd Valinch was unveiled in the Bruichladdich newsletter I thought I recognised the face. Had we met this lady? Thinking back I came to the conclusion that we must have met. Unknowingly at the time. Cool though!

So when John Eirik asked me what I wanted the answer became pretty obvious. If the Becky Codd valinch was still available then that would be my request.

So last week the valinch was bought by John Eirik and UPS’ed to me. Long live PayPal for easy payment.

The package arrived very excellently packaged and so a unboxing is due.

Thank you very much John Eirik for this opportunity and wonderful whisky. I will let you know how it tastes!