It is with pain in my heart that I learned that one of the Netherlands newest distilleries, Turv Exloo, was burned to the ground this week. I was lucky enough to have met the head distiller and visit the distillery. The tragic loss of a life during this fire saddens me deeply and reminds me ones again that life is precious.

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During my vacation in the province of Drenthe right here in the Netherlands I was talking to a liquor store owner in Assen. I was asking him if he still had some bottles of “Den Hool” left. The answer was no, but he would be able to get something new from Drenthe rather soon, if I was interested?

Off course I was and he informed me there is a new distillery from the village of Exloo called “Turv” which had matured some excellent dram for, wait for it …… three months and that the result was surprisingly mature! “Turv” he said was local tongue for “turf” which translated from Dutch to English means “Peat”.
So there is a new spirit out:
  • called Prime,
  • bottled from single american oak casks,
  • matured for only 3 months,
  • bottled at 43%.

With the word “whisky” on the label

My first response to the owner…

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