I have been thinking about getting some Corsair Distillery Drams for a while now. I have had a good bottle of “Triple Smoke” in the past and it won Bronze in my 2016 whisky nerd awards.

Corsair Triple Smoke
Corsair Triple Smoke
I have been looking for a bottle of the “five smoke” also known as the “corsair Hydra”. Unfortunately the shipping cost is $90,- for a bottle. This was a tad to much for me.

So after some debate I decide to order some other Corsair drams instead.

I ordered these via the neeldrinks.com site here in the Netherlands. At this moment in time this webshop is by far the most economic to get special USA whiskey’s. Why? They are closely related to the Haromex Development import company.

Triple Smoke: 40% ABv, Single Malt Whiskey

Quote from the Corsair Website:

“Whisky Advocate’s Artisan Whiskey of the Year
The whiskey that put us on the map.
We use three smoked malts (cherrywood, beechwood,
and peat) to craft this deep and complex whiskey. Smoke
and notes of cherry pervade the palate, finished by a
slight brininess of mossy peat. Pot distilled then barreled
in new charred oak, Triple Smoke has the sweetness of
an American whiskey with a single malt’s rich smoke.”

The Scotch Test Dummies have reviewed this dram in their own special way. Go check out the website and youtube.

Ryemageddon, 46% ABv, Rye Whiskey

Quote from the Corsair Website:

“RYEMAGEDDON is the barrel-aged version of our double
gold medal winning white rye whiskey, Wry Moon.
Rye, chocolate rye, and malted barley make up the
base of this unique take on rye whiskey. Unlike most
ryes, which tend to be peppery, spicy, and sharp,
our Ryemageddon is smooth and rich. The chocolate
rye, which is rye grain roasted to a very dark brown,
imparts a slight sweetness characteristic of bourbon

Bakers chocolate and spicy rye give way to rich, malty
characters and barrel spices. Slightly oaky and sweet.
As with all of our spirits at Corsair, we do not add any
artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners to Ryemageddon.”

The Scotch Test Dummies have reviewed this dram in their own special way. Go check out the website and youtube.


Oatrage, 50% ABv, Oat, Barley, Coffee Barley Whiskey

Quote from the Corsair Website:

“Oats have a long tradition in brewing but are not
commonly used in distilling. Although difficult to grind
and mash, oats are decidely worth making whiskey
with. Oats substantially change the mouthfeel of a
whiskey; just as oats make beer thicker and creamier,
the mouthfeel of the whiskey is made thicker and fuller.

Made with 51% malted oats, 27% 6-row malted barley,
22% coffee malt (a barley malt roasted until dark in color).
The roasted oats in this whiskey impart notes of chocolate
and nuts on the palate, finished with notes of black coffee.
Affectionately known as our “breakfast whiskey” for the
delicate nutty flavor of real oatmeal cooked overnight.”

Old Punk, 46% ABv, Pumpkin & Spice

Old Punk is part of Corsair’s experimental range. This is made by flavouring its whiskey with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice, and then ageing it in American oak. A unique flavoured whiskey.

E-Man Booze did a review of this whiskey as only he can!

I have been blogging about the Corsair Triple Smoke in the past. You can find this blogs here: Tag Triple Smoke.

Image Disclaimer : Feature image as found on the Corsair Distillery Website. CC 🙂

From the Corsair Website CC