Planning a whisky trip to Islay for Feis Ile 2017? Check out how my trip was an learn what to do and what not to do! Where to stay! Where to eat! What to see!

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All the blogs for the 2016 Islay Whisky Trip my friend and me went on are writen. This is a basically useless blog entry. It attempts to create some order in the blogs I wrote about the trip.

I will start by listing the blogs I wrote in preperation and during the trip. Some of the blogs will be updated with tasting notes. Just as soon as my friend and I have time to sit down and taste!

So here are the blogs.

  1. Preparing a trip to Islay, Scotland
  2. Islay! Here we come!
  3. Islay Trip: Day One, Getting there
  4. Islay Trip: Day one: Laddie shop, Kilchoman beach and distillery
  5. Islay Trip: Day One: The Lochside Hotel
  6. Islay Trip: Day two: The American Monument
  7. Islay Trip: day two: Laphroaig Square Foot
  8. Islay Trip: day two: Lagavulin
  9. Islay Trip: day two: Ardbeg Tour (part one)
  10. Islay Trip: day two: Ardbeg Tour (part…

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