What happens to Ardbeg 10 yo when you put it in the fridge? 

Screw the ice cubes! Screw the “not done!”. I’m going nerdstyle and finding out! 


To quote Adam Hannett:”Why not!”.

So I took a sample bottle and filled it with Ardbeg 10yo. 

After some hours in the fridge at -18C I took it out! (The sample) 

What did I learn? 

  1. It’s cold! 
  2. The liquid turns hazy when this cold. 
  3. The liquid return from hazy to normal after you lett it come back to “normal” temperature 
  4. The liquid turns a bit thicker. It flows less well.
  5. The legs are very odd indeed and respond differently than normal.
  6. The nose is less subdued than I would have expected. The phenols of the Peat still make it to my nose.
  7. The nose opens up over the time you let it warm up in the glass. This is so much different than putting ice in, this is the liquid itself being cold. No water from the ice is getting into the dram.
  8. The inside of the glass turns cold and this lets moisture condensate on the outside of the glass. 
  9. The arrival is less intense, but oddly enough I had a longer time to let the spirit interact with my palette since it warmed up rather quickly on my tongue. So in a weird way I could taste more nuances!? Does that make any sense? 
  10. Since the finish was not affected that experience did not change. Still the experience was Ardbeg 10.

So! Fun stuff! Will do it again and make pictures of the liquid at -18C.

Do try this yourself! It’s easy! Get a sample bottle. Choose a dram! Freeze it and let me know your thoughts ones you have!